Young Unicyclists

I went to see the young unicyclists at Lee’s school Friday evening.  Lee shows a great interest but I don’t think that this is something for her since she is afraid of falling and hurting herself. This boy was jumping over many cars, the crowd cheers.

Canon T2i, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens, AP, f/4, 1/500sec, ISO 3200, exp. bias -0.3step, focal length 98mm, evaluative metering

The teacher lining up more cars.  🙂

Canon T2i, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens, Aperture Priority, f/4, 1/400sec, ISO 3200, exposure bias -0.3step, focal length 113mm, evaluative metering

He is a daredevil, great jumped over his teacher.

Canon T2i, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens, A P, f/4, 1/500sec, ISO 3200, exp.bias -0.3step, focal length 70mm, evaluative metering

I decided to try panning after a few shots. Panning is a technique in which you move the camera parallel to and at the same speed as the subject, this is to show speed.  I used a small minimum aperture of  f/22, which allows me to use a slow shutter speed of 1/13th and 1/15th of second.  These photos were taken with Aperture Priority. I set my AF mode to AI SERVO and drive mode to continuous shooting.

Canon T2i, EF 17-40mm f/4L USM lens, Aperture Priority, f/22, 1/13sec, ISO 3200, exposure bias 0step, focal length 40mm, evaluative metering
Canon T2i, EF 17-40mm f/4L USM lens, Aperture Priority, f/22, 1/15sec, ISO 3200, exposure bias -0.3step, focal length 40mm, evaluative metering
Canon T2i, EF 17-40mm f/4L USM lens, Aperture Priority, f/22, 1/15sec, ISO 3200, exposure bias -0.3step, focal length 34mm, evaluative metering


  1. As a kid, my brother learned to ride a unicycle and juggle simultaneously. You know, just your average circus family! 🙂 Great pics!

    • very impressive, that is. unicycles remind me of a bicycles’ less athletic friend who is really good at math.

  2. The pictures are great but I am impressed by the number of kids willing to learn the unicycle. Don’t they know they are supposed to allowing their brains to rot by watching TV all of the time?

  3. I agree with notesfromrumblycottage (cool name!) that it’s brilliant to see the kids engaged with a physical activity, and unicycling is such an unusual choice. As an old unicyclist, I applaud them and their teachers.

  4. i had no idea anybody but clowns road unicycles…i kinda wanna try. although it would likely result in some sort of catastrophic injury.

  5. I love the pictures. There’s no way that I could move the camera and not make the whole picture look in motion. I’ll give it a try though. Thanks for the photo lesson and the opportunity to watch a kid jump 5 cars on a unicycle.

  6. This is crazy!! This post caught my eye, because just YESTERDAY, i saw a sight that i’ve never in my life witnessed ….YES…a unicyclist cycling through traffic!! I follow him for about a half a mile because i was trying to get my phone out of my purse so i could take a photo of him! Since i was following him, the shot i got could easily be portrayed as a regular cyclist, so i wooshed by him knowing i only had one shot…and i MISSED! My husband barely believes me that i followed a unicyclist home!! Too bad.

  7. That’s really cool that they had that at the school! Those kids look like they did that before they took their first steps! 🙂

  8. Photos look great and I found the detailed comments interesting. Perhaps I should take more interest in my camera.

  9. Fun photos! I particularly like the blurred action shots. YouTube has some videos of people pulling off amazing stunts with unicycles. Cool stuff!

  10. Caught my eye. I expected full size cars so I had to laugh when I saw the reality.

    Now a minor correction, f/22 is not the shutter speed… Darn pro photographer I used to be. Maybe I’m just frustrated at how great the photos are that people are getting with the digital cameras and how hard I used to have to work before digital… 🙂

    Look forward to your next…

  11. Nice piece, Like the action shots with the blurred background..

  12. Oh my! The teachers probably did a really good job training them, so they could trust the unicyclists to jump over them.

  13. This makes me miss living in Addison, Texas. I would be stuck in traffic on my way to work in north Dallas and would see a unicyclist crossing the street. Where do you think he worked? Also, The Colbert Report did an amazing editorial on unicyclists. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

  14. I had a unicycle as a kid and could never get the hang of it so this is really cool to see! Also there is no such thing as a slow shutter speed of f/22. I think you meant 1/13th of a sec. But that only means I read every word. Good job.


    • Hi Mike, I used the wrong choice of word, I changed my post to say “a small minimum aperture of f/22, which allows me to use a slow shutter speed of 1/13th of a second.” Thanks for your comment and stopping by. 🙂

  15. I really like your photos! I use a point and shoot (Olympus tough series), and really need to familiarize myself with it better. Any easy tips to make basic photos stand out?

  16. Pretty amazing and great pictures. I love bicycling but have never tried unicycling. Is there a reason why they don’t wear helmets?

  17. I am so excited for you NYE! What a great coup to have been on Freshly Pressed! Your photos are fabulous. I love the panning shots. These kids are amazing…so glad you shared this with us.

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