Canadian Geese and Goslings

Bo went fishing at the pond and saw these Canadian geese, the photos were taken with his iPhone.

They hissed at him to stay away.  The nest is closed by and the female was protecting her eggs.

She hid her eggs very well.  She covers them with grass clippings, and sat on  her eggs most of the time.  They are twice the size of the chicken eggs.

A family of Canadian geese, the little goslings are extremely small comparing to the mom.

The video clip is also taken with Bo’s iPhone.  He was following them while shooting the video.

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

He caught 4 Large-mouth Bass and had to let it go, I never understood the concept of catch and release because I see this as a great meal.  Bo was fishing at a restricted State park and only employees are allowed to fish there.  Bo went with his friend that worked there.