Pee Mai at Wat Greensboro North Carolina 2011

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It must be the sunshine after the storm, the weather was exceptionally nice and we had a good turnout. Today we celebrated a Cambodian, Lao, and Thai New Year.

I think many people have a misconception when they pray to the lord Buddha. I overheard one lady telling her daughter that when she pours water over the Buddha images to ask for what ever she wishes and wants for her future.  Buddha is not a god of giving, but a teacher and we follow his teaching.  What you wish and want, only you could make it happen and it makes more sense to ask for strength and guidance so you could achieve your goal in life. We pour water over Buddha images for blessing and cleansing the rust from our soul.

My dad brought his own blessing water.

Jaydee Cide or sand stupas.

Paying homage to the lord Buddha.

Morning Alms giving is the tradition of offering food to the monks.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is Lao, Thai or Cambodian and when they stand in line to give Almes, what they offer is a giveaway. A Lao person will most likely offer rice, fruits, sweet treats, and money.

I notice that a Cambodian often offer rice and money.

Meal offering to the monks.

Wat Greensboro is in the process of expanding, many people offer money to help build the bathrooms, kitchen, and Sala Houng Tum (worship hall).

This is a perfect place to learn about Buddhism.


Lee found a friend, he was dressed in a Thai outfit.

I will add exif data and reply to comments when I have more time.


  1. Happy New Year, Ginger, to you and your family. It is interesting to learn about the ideas and traditions connected to this celebration.

    • Thanks Giiid, I’m glad to see many came out to celebrate and I didn’t get to stay that long, I missed the live band and dance in the evening.

  2. Looks like it is pretty big event. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, especially Lee. I attend this kind of function for reason only… foods 🙂

    • Hi seeharhed, we had a good turnout even though the Highpoint Wat also celebrated on the same day. Lee had fun and I’m glad that she enjoys attending a Boun event.

  3. Great photos and interesting commentary. Wat Greensboro looks delightful.

    Happy New Year to you and yours from Boonie and Mrs S

    • Hi Boonie, thanks. I wish you and Mrs S a happy and prosperous New Year. Wat Greensboro is one of the best Wat in our area and our family love to visit there for the boun event.

    • Hi Geni, I’m feeling a lot better and I’m glad that I was able to attend the event. The dog is cute, it even dressed for the occasion. 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing pictures of the Lao culture. We are thinking about relocating to Charlotte, NC from California. Just curious, which areas of Charlotte would you recommend?Also, how’s the job market like?


    • Hi Monica, I’m glad that you enjoy. I live in Hickory, and it’s about 1 hour drive from Charlotte. I don’t visit Charlotte very often and don’t know a lot about the area. It’s mostly furniture manufacturing in our area (Hickory) and it takes some getting used to living in a small town. I came from NYC, it’s a different lifestyle but I have to say that it’s a great place to raise a family. The cost of living is a lot less in comparison to living in CA or NYC.

    • Thanks Cambree, I did a lot better than I thought since I was still in pain on that day. The weather was real nice comparing to the day before and a good thing that the storm didn’t do much damage.

  5. Beautiful photos Ginger!

    Is the Wat Greensboro a temple that caters to all Southeast Asians or is it predominantly Lao? The temple closest to where I live is Lao but surprisingly this pbee mai I saw a lot of different ethnicities.

    • Thanks Meta, the temple is catered to all Southeast Asians, and the sermon is in Thai/Lao and Khmer. I saw more Americans attending this year and it’s a good thing since we’ve an American monk there.

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