Zoom Effect Vesus Panning

If you are tired of seeing my zoom effect, I am too. I think between the zoom effect and panning, I like the latter much better. When I first learned panning in August of last year, it was an instant success.ย  The image of Lee came out a lot cooler than I had imagined.

At that time I also tried the zoom effect. I wasn’t sure if I liked it at the time and wasn’t exactly happy with the result. After I revisited the technique again, I like panning a lot better.ย  I think it makes ordinary image looks interesting. The zoom effect of my dad’s banana tree below gives me an eerie feeling that the banana tree ghost might come out.

Then the sunset, both images were not much of a success. Perhaps it’s better to use this technique shooting people.


    • Cambree, it’s kind of neat that by moving the camera with the moving subject you can create such cool effect. I can’t wait to try this at the Dragon Boat race this year.

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