Lao School Building Project Updates

It has been a while since I last updated about Ban Dannavieng Elementary School.  This is the school in Laos that many had come together in helping with the school building project in 2007. I received a photo update from Darly of the school today.  The school is now known as Dong Yang Primary School, which was named after Ban Dong Yang village.

It’s nice to see the children again, my dad and I visited the school in November 2008.

I grew up having a strong connection to education, not because my parents were educators, but because the chance of continuing education was next to none if I were still living in Laos or Thailand.

It’s nice to see so many happy faces, and thanks to Darly for sharing the photos with us.  Please visit Lao School Building Project post to see more photos.


  1. I just made a donation to “Room to Read” and chose Laos as the place to donate books. And then I came over and saw this posting. 🙂

    The kids look really happy here. I’m glad you got to visit Laos and made a difference in their lives.

    • Cambree, thanks for the link, it’s a really neat program that they have there. It’s kind of odd how we think along the same line and giving the gift of books is something that I like to do also. I always donate books to Lee’s classroom and the school library when they have a book fair. It’s surprised to see that even the schools in the US lack the funding for books.

  2. That’s wonderful Nye!

    Aon and I donated some money to the school behind our house and will have some updates on my blog soon.

    I just got back to Korea yesterday morning and have to get ready for school which starts next Wednesday.

    Aon and the boys are fine. Aon and Jeremy Aaron are coming to Korea next Saturday. Bia has to stay at home and go to school for now.

    • Hi Jeffrey, welcome back and I bet Aon and Jeremy are looking forward to visiting you in Korea, I hope the weather is a lot warmer there now. I’m heading over to your blog to check out Bai school, he and Jeremy must have grown a lot since the last time I saw their picture.

    • Hi Kim, thanks for the link. I blogged about them at another website before and visited their book store in Luang Prabang in November 2008, it’s nice to see the stuff that they do for the Lao community.

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