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Animal Signs at Wat Lao Buddhavong

We attended the July 4th events at Wat Lao Buddhavong for the last 4 years, and surprisingly I didn’t get to take a picture of all the 12 animal signs. I thought I took a picture of the Rat but did a video instead, the Rat is the 1st animal sign. The 2nd animal sign is the Ox, looking at these images, Lee has grown so much from one year to the next.

Ox-July 2008
Ox-July 2009

The 3rd animal sign is the Tiger, notice someone left sticky rice balls on his head, eye, and in his mouth.  This was most likely offered during morning Alms giving.

Tiger-July 2010

The 4th is the Rabbit, which is this year.

Rabbit-July 2010

The 5th is the Dragon,  and the 6th is the Snake, which is Lee’s animal sign, but somehow she likes to take picture with the Dragon. I guess the Snake is too scary looking, it’s behind the tiger image above.

Dragon-July 2008

Sticky rice balls inside his mouth.

Dragon-July 2010

The 7th is the Horse.

Horse-July 2008

The 8th is the Sheep, I didn’t get to take a picture of this one.  The 9th is the Monkey.

July 2010

The 10th is the Rooster.

Rooster-July 2010

The 11th is the Dog, and 12th is the pig which you can see them in the above photos. I missed several signs, I know what I’ll be doing this year.

4 thoughts on “Animal Signs at Wat Lao Buddhavong”

  1. Wow Lee has really grown thru the years. She’s such a cutie pie.

    I like the horse and rabbit. Tiger looks a bit scary and the monkey looks too much like a person. 🙂

    1. Cambree, children grow so fast these days, pretty soon she’ll be as tall as me or taller. 🙂

      It’s funny how we put the sticky rice balls on the animals.

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