War Remains by Jeffrey Miller

One of my goals is to read more this year, whether it be a professional publication, photography book or book for enjoyment which most of us don’t have much time these days. My first book this year is War Remains by Jeffrey Miller.  I ordered the book for myself as a Christmas gift back in December and finally have a chance to sit down and start on it.  So far I’m loving it and can see this made into a great action movie. My dad would definitely enjoy watching, I used to watch war movie with him when I was little.

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War Remains is Jeffrey’s first novel.  More about Jeffrey from the back of his book: Originally from LaSalle, Illinois, Jeffrey Miller has been living and working in Asia since 1989.  He divides his time between Korea and Laos where his wife Aon and two sons, Bai and Jeremy Aaron live.

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Jeffrey is also one of my blog friends, I love the photos of Laos that he shares on his blog.


  1. Wow, I am so honored that you blogged about my novel, Nye. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy reading it.

    Thank you again for spreading the word (pun-intended) on your blog about my first novel.

    I promise to write one about Laos (actually, I wrote a short story called “Lemongrass” that I trying to publish now).

    • Jeffrey, you’re welcome. The story keeps you moving, I’m enjoying reading it thus far. I do look forward to your next book and would love to read about Laos.

  2. Nye,
    That is so funny, I was reading this book on my e-reader. I got a hard copy too. I send to Jeff for his autograph. Hope it get their and back safely.

    • salalao, I guess great minds think alike. I wonder how long it would take for a mail to get to Korea. I would love to see your autographed copy when you get it back. 🙂

  3. Nye, it takes about ten days to two weeks to get from the States to Korea; you should be able to get a lower postage book rate.

    I really want to thank you and Salalao again for purchasing this book. I am most grateful.

  4. Congrats Jeffery on your book. 🙂

    I’m not really into war stories, but I do appreciate history. Base on Nye’s review it looks to be an interesting story.

    • Thanks Jeffrey for the link to the video. It’s nice to be recognized and be a part of a documentary.

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