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Lee’s Hmong Outfit

As I’ve mentioned yesterday that I attempted to dress Lee in her Hmong outfit that’s made by Mozemoua (Ze).  I emailed the pictures to Ze and she gave me a few pointers.  I worked on the skirt again this evening, and here is Lee in her Hmong outfit.

Aperture Priority, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, f/4, 1/15sec, ISO 800, exposure bias +0.3step, focal length 93mm, pattern metering, tripod mounted

Ze mailed Lee a neck piece but we have not received that yet. It’s very kind of her to have done that, I was thinking about getting one for Lee at the Hmong New Year. Thanks again for all that you have done for Lee.

Aperture Priority, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, f/4, 1/25sec, ISO 800, exposure bias +0.3step, focal length 40mm, pattern metering, tripod mounted

Yesterday I made an attempted by looking at the picture of how a Hmong outfit was worn, and Ze pointed out to me that this kind of outfit you either use just the red/pink slash or just the green slash.  The only time that you use both slashes is when you wear pants, but since this is a skirt you only use one slash to go with the outfit. Since Ze sent two slashes, I used both on Lee.  Now I’m wondering, since Lee is wearing a waist band, I wonder if she would need to wear the slash at all. Ze mentioned that you should always wear the sash and it should always come out on the back at least 8 inches down your back.  I still have to work on pinning the shirt to make it tighter.

Another thing that I made a mistake on was the apron, it was shorter than the skirt, and it should have been the other way around.  Mozemoua explained that the apron should be exactly the same length as the skirt or a bit longer, but never shorter.  I also left all the tied strings messy in the back and I should have hid that.  According to Ze, the only slash you want to see in back is the red slash. This is my first attempt of dressing Lee in her Hmong outfit last night.

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8 thoughts on “Lee’s Hmong Outfit”

  1. So you finally figured it out? Great photos. I like the last candid photo of Lee too. 🙂

    Can we see Lee in a traditional Lao outfit next? I actually have an old black & white photo of my Grandmother in a simple Lao outfit… but somehow she looked Japanese. Or at least the outfit looked like a kimono.

    1. Cambree, Lee in a Lao outfit is something that I want to work on next. I do have to find a better background. I think dressing children in a traditional outfit is a good way to introduce them about the cultures and traditions. My niece thought it was a Cambodian outfit at first, and now she knows that it’s a Hmong outfit.

  2. That is a lovely outfit. There is a Hmong community in the Detroit area where I used to live. Every year several families held a very popular art fair. The embroidery and patchwork were dazzling. Lee is a lucky girl to receive such a special gift.

    1. Hi Gerry, it was very kind of Mozemoua to have done this for Lee. Handmade gift is one of the best gifts to receive since it comes from the heart. I love Hmong patchwork and handbags with cross stitch design, something that I want to learn to make it for myself.

  3. Nye, I had never asked my mom why, the sashes are a very important part of the Hmong outfits. The end of the sashes should tail out in the back at least 8 inches down the back, I like mine half way down the dress, I think when it’s too short it doesn’t look as nice and when it’s too long it doesn’t look as nice either.

    1. Thanks mozemoua, so it’s the slash and the waist band worn together. I knew the waist band that Lee bought last year has a tail like apron to it and we thought that it was supposed to be the front at first. Not knowing and understand how it’s worn and that’s why you see a lot of Lao wearing the Hmong outfit wrong in the ethnic dance event at the temple.

  4. Nye, wearing the Hmong outfit can be pretty complicated since there are so many layers and step to it, I think that’s why not a lot of young girls wants to wear them any more. yes the sash and waist band are warn together. if it’s for every day outfit than the waistband does not need to be warn (Hlee hates wearing it, or any money in particular). The one you bought Lee does not need to be warn with a sash since the tail like apron is represent as the sash already.

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