The Little Details

I attempted to dress Lee in the Hmong outfit that Mozemoua has made for her and talk about not knowing and understanding the pieces. I emailed Mozemoua the pictures and glad that she didn’t have a heart attack, Lee looked all bundled up. She’s planing to do a tutorial video so I hope to have the rest of the outfit put together by this weekend.

About the photo, I have poor lighting at home so I shot this with a Portrait Mode. It’s not the best choice but I don’t think Lee would have the patience for me to mess around.


    • Hi Boonie, she doesn’t enjoy modeling for me much, but since she thinks that she is helping me to become a better photographer then she doesn’t mind. 🙂

  1. hhhmm I have that same desk on the background :-). That panel do pull down flat and underneath that would be a drawl right? Sorry, I’m going out of the topic now lol

  2. Lee looks very Hmong in this photo!! She’s so beautiful!!! Hlee and I tried making the tutorial using my webcam, it was a total failure! I will get the tutorial done this weekend as promise!!!

  3. She looks like a Lao girl on a Hmong dress, but she can blend in fine among a crowd of Hmongs. Great way to teach our young ones about diversity. Looks great. I always like those desk. Animate your desk like this one on online sites like I’m not advertising for this site and I’d never tried it.

    • Hi Zeddicus, my animated desk looks good, now all I’ve to do is to add some high pitch laughing voice and that might scare some people away. 🙂

      I bet by the time we get to the Hmong New Year people won’t be able to tell. I’m looking forward to the new year, all my Hmong co-workers will be going. 🙂

  4. […] This was the first time ever that my second sister went to the flea market with my dad and saw a bird that looks just like Mimi. She brought it home with her, and I was convinced at first that it was really Mimi, but after talking to him there was no response.  The old Mimi would have at least said ‘Hello’ to me. I guess we’re just happy to see a familiar face. I’ve created an animated image from, a link from this comment. […]

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