1. Nice… As much as I love Lacoste stuffs, I just can’t simply afford it :-). Until I get myself a second job, I won’t be to afford them.

    • seeharhed, it’s simple and stylish but very pricey. If I were a guy I would get something similar and still get the look for a lot less, just a thought. 🙂

  2. Oooh, I so love the clothing. Plain and simple yet, it already work well.
    I agree with seehardhed, I won’t even go near it. Hehehe.
    Keep those great updates of Danny coming. Thank you, Nye. ^_^

    • Lala, thanks for your comment and support. 🙂

      The clothing is kind of pricey, I notice that the alligator is getting bigger in some of the photos also. 🙂

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