Autumn Colors

I drove passed this tree daily and kept thinking that I need to take a picture of it before the leaves fall off.  The leaves were golden yellow last week, and this picture below was snapped from my car while waiting for the red light this evening.

Aperture Priority, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, f/4, 1/8sec, ISO-100, exposure bias 0, focal length 84mm, pattern metering

When the light turned green, I made a last minute decision and bear left into the turning lane.  I parked my car nearby and where I stood to take this picture was not the best spot but it will do since this is a busy road and the rain clouds started to roll in.

Aperture Priority, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, f/4, 1/30sec, ISO-160 (auto), exposure bias 0, focal length 24mm, pattern metering

Lee and I were on our way to the mall to shop for her Halloween custom and by the time we got there  it was dusk.  These are the apartments near the mall.

Aperture Priority, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, f/4, 1/125sec, ISO-640 (auto), exposure bias 0, focal length 92mm, pattern metering

Darkness seems to be the theme here, as Lee decided to be a witch this Halloween.

Aperture Priority, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, f/4, 1/60sec, ISO-3200, exposure bias 0, focal length 73mm, pattern metering


    • Hi Boonie, thanks. There are so many teenage witch movies on TV now that I guess every girls want to be a witch instead of a princess these days. 🙂

  1. I really like the color of that tree, this shopping center looks familiar :-). I always wanted to take a road trip to East Coast during this month, especially up in Vermont and Quebec.

    • Hi seeharhed, a road trip sounds nice at this time of the year and the weather is nice and cool also, minus the rain of course. 🙂

    • I would agree on this one!

      The last road trip to Quebec & Vermont was long ago for me. And we went in late spring. Next time I will remember to visit in autumn to catch the beautiful fall leaves.

  2. Waah! Nye, those captures were amazingly breathless. I so so love the thick red color and the sky beautiful blue color. Wonderful job, Nye! *thumbs up*

    • Hi Lala, thanks. This used to be an old school and they torn it down several years back but the oak tree is still there.

  3. The red colored tree makes me think of early infra-ref photos. I would like to see that. Beautiful! So is the portrait of Lee. It is good that all the details in the background are blurred out.

    • Hi Carsten, I think the rain made the red color deeper. I wish I had took a photo the week before as the leaves turned yellowish red.

      As for Lee’s portrait, I took a picture to show her what her outfit looks like before buying. The background was crowded with Halloween decorations, and it looks better blurry.

  4. Lovely photographs, Nye. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and looking at these photos, made me think about the Midwest where I grew up. The one of the maple tree is awesome!

    Lovely photo of Lee; like the out of focus background.

    • Hi Geni, thanks. It looks beautiful late in the evening on my way home, especially with the sunset in the background. As for Lee, she’s looking forward to putting this outfit on. 🙂

  5. Nye, the second picture would had been great if only the shopping plaza in the background wasn’t there! great job! I love autumn!!

    • Hi mozemoua, that’s when photoshop comes into play but I’m not a big fan of editing photo though. I hope you have a chance to go out and photograph the leaves.

  6. Your part of the states is coming up beautiful this time of year.

    Our is still green and still more green after the recent rain. I am looking forward to the gingko and Chinese pistache tree to turning yellow then red really soon.

    And Lee makes for a very cute witch. Happy Halloween! 🙂

    • Hi cambree, our gingko leaves start to turn yellow. Autumn was peak last and this weekend in some part of our state. The scenic along the highway is very pretty this time of the year.

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