Pra That Luang

I bought this picture from an Asian store in Charlotte over 10 years ago, back then I knew very little about where That Luang was since I am not from that Area.

Program, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM lens, f/4.5, 1/60sec, ISO-400 (auto), exposure bias -0.3step, focal length 70mm, pattern metering

I can’t tell you what it used to look like, I would think that it looks like this 30 years ago.

closeup cropped of above photo

That Luang is also known as the Great Stupa and the most significant Laotian religious and national monument. It was built in 1566 and was reconstructed in 1930.  I had a chance to go back to visit during Boun That Luang, my first time ever visiting and it’s a very emotional event for me.

Photo from my Laos Trip 11/11/2008
Photo from my Laos Trip 11/11/2008


    • Jeffrey, I didn’t have time to roam around since it was packed with people. I hope to go back and visit someday.

    • Hi Boonie, it has a new face lift and covered with gold paint now. I think I like the old version better, but the image that I have is not that good, my dad has a better one. If I can get a good shot of his, I will post it this weekend.

  1. Nye – I grew up about a mile from the ThatLuang stupa. I also attended a grade school right across the field of ThatLaung, so these area is like my playground. Back those days during the Boun ThatLuang, all the relatives from far away would be staying at our place. I still remember watching the old cowboys movies on the big outdoor screen.

    • seeharhed, do you remember if it used to look like the picture that I have? There were so many of us that my parents didn’t take us to event like this when I was little, but my older sisters did get to attend Boun Wat Phou since it wasn’t too far from us and they went with neighbors. To be honest, I don’t remember much about Laos of the time I was little but knowledgeable when I went back. My relatives were surprised that I can speak fluent Lao and can read also. I think it’s all about interest.

      • Nye, from what I can recall, there used to be more trees in front of the ThatLuang especially “dork champa trees”. If you looking at the above photo, on the left side used to be a site of a big hall. It is not as well kept like now, also there aren’t any pavement at all. I have so much memories about Boun ThatLaung.

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