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Dead Before Arrival: Part II – The Funeral

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Sao Major from Rangsit/Pathum Thani province in Thai Language, translated by Nye.

Continued from Dead Before Arrival: Part I – The Accident

Nin’s body was placed in the funeral pyre at one of the temples (Wat) and in Issan provinces the funeral pyre and the actual furnace for cremation is at a different location.  And the body that die a violent death (dtaai hohng) is not allowed to bring back to the house, the elders said that it’s not appropriate.  I’ve heard rumors that late at night you could hear movement sounds from the coffin. The day of her cremation arrived, my friends came to ask me to go with them, so I went.  Truth is I didn’t know her personally but I wanted to go see.

During the ceremony of  placing dok mai jan on the body (artificial flowers used during a funeral), they opened the casket for people to view the body, and family and relatives to say final farewell.  When it was time to move the casket into the furnace, they couldn’t lift nor even move it.  The picture of Nin that sat in front of the casket fell to the floor and shattered to pieces.  All of a sudden the sky became dark and threatened with rain clouds.  Then the sky opened. It rained so hard and everyone was frightened by what’s happening.  My friends and I hurdled into a group hug and started to cry because we were so scared.  I wanted to go home but couldn’t until it stopped raining.  It finally let up and the ceremony continued.  This time they were able to lift the casket, and everything went well.

Photo from my Laos Trip

When I got home, I told the story to my family.  The elders believe that it was because Nin die a sudden death.  She didn’t know that she was dead and wasn’t prepared.  She was worried about those that she had left behind.  She didn’t want to go and that night I saw her ghost.

She looked so sad and was crying the tears of blood.  The blood came out from her eyes, mouth and nose and the most frightening thing was that her head fell off and rolled to my feet.  I was so scared and couldn’t sleep that night, the image was so vivid that I could see it even when I close my eyes.

The next morning I went to the temple to offer merit (Tum Boun) to Nin and told  the monk of what had happened.  He explained to me that she wanted to communicate, for me to know and see, but had no intention of harming in anyway.

The following night I dreamed of her and this time she said, “Thank you for offering merit, Nin feel lonely and don’t have any friend.  Nin can’t go back home, and have no place to go.  The only thing that I’m doing now is watching people passing by.”

Nin asked me to go tell her mom and relative to put up a spirit house at the curve where she had the accident because she has no place to stay.  And the reason that Nin appeared in front of me and also came in my dream was because we shared the same birthday, date, month and year.  The only difference was the time of our birth and this might be why it’s easier for her to communicate with me.  I saw her date of birth written by her photo at the funeral, she was born on the same day as me for real.

I went to tell Nin’s mom and she listened and did as asked.  I’ve heard that some would see her late at night by her sprit house and even smiled at them. This would scare the pants off  anyone.

Photo from my Laos Trip

I just hope that Nin will move on to her next life, not like now living as a wandering ghost.  Nin’s mom came to ask me to join her at the temple for merit making (Tum Boun) for Nin. She asked a spirited person “kon song” (medium person that communicate with a ghost spirit) to see how Nin is doing.  Her reply back was that she still has sin and has to stay at that spot because it’s not her time yet.  Her mom started to cry and lit incense sticks to tell Nin not to worry and if she wanted anything to just let her know.  As for her boyfriend, he decided to become a monk to offer merit to her and has no intention of leaving the life of a monkshood.  After that day I have not seen or dreamed of Nin again.  She must be happy by now and I wish her well on her journey.

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  1. I wish her as well. Still so young and can’t move on to her next life. Though we see it as a scary thing or moment in our life, there’s some out there that are good and are no harm to us. This story is also a big lesson to those to be more careful of their driving and no drag racing. Thank you for this wonderful article. I hope to see more of these interesting stories, thank you once and again.

    1. Hi Lala, most of my translated ghost stories are ghost stories but this one we see the transition and this allows us to view it differently. I think it’s so tragic for some to die so young and it could have been prevented. This made us think twice about who we get in the car with, something that appears fun could turn tragic in a split of a second. I’m glad that you find some life lesson in this story.

    1. Hi jam, it’s interesting to see the transition of this one and sad to see that we think to give offering after they passed away. I hope people will realize that the giving is best to offer while they are still alive, and the joy of life is living.

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