Dead Before Arrival: Part I – The Accident

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Sao Major from Rangsit/Pathum Thani province in the Thai Language, translated by Nye.

At the beginning of June of this year, my two friends and I went to eat a Thai pork satay at a famous restaurant near the market, and by the time we finished, it was going into 9 pm (21:00), so we went home. In the outskirt of town and the surrounding Issan provinces, 9 pm is considered very late, and we stopped by the gas station to get gas before heading home. As we waited for our change, I will never forget something that happened.

I saw a motorcycle drove in, and the gas attendant giving us our change said to me, “Big sister, look over there.” I followed the direction he was pointing and screamed frantically at what I saw. My friends didn’t know what to do, and we all screamed, “ghost, ghost, ghost…”

I saw a guy riding on a motorcycle, and there was a female sitting behind him. She was wearing a school uniform from a famous university, her white blouse was covered with blood, and the scariest thing was that she didn’t have a head.

I was shocked and couldn’t move, my legs were frozen, and I was instantly muted. The guy on the motorcycle was confused by all the commotions and turned around to speak to the girl, shocked by what he saw. He was also screaming that it was a ghost. And he kicked his motorcycle down, and she went down with it. Passersby were scared and came to find out that she was not a ghost, but it was an actual incident. Someone then called an organization to pick up the corpse and report the incident to the police at the same time.

I was confused and kept thinking, “There was no head, and how could she ride in the back of his motorcycle? How is that possible?”

Strange but true, she was dead and rode in the back of his motorcycle; why was her body not fall off? I couldn’t come up with an answer, and not long after that, the police came with the vehicle to pick up her body. There were more passersby by this time; all came up with their own theory. The police officer then asked the guy what really happened.

He was sobbing while telling the story. His name is Pun, and the girl riding with him was his girlfriend named Nin. They went to see the movie and left right after the movie ended and was on their way home. There was a shortcut to get to Nin’s house, but the road was very curvy, dark, and dangerous. Most people don’t like to use this road, only those that come to drag race. When he was approaching the area, he told his girlfriend to bend down because there was a wire there. He thought someone tied the wire across the road to trap the racers. But Nin probably didn’t hear him telling her to bend down, plus Pun was driving fast. He stopped by to get gas near her house, and that’s when he found out that she was dead.

The police then radioed his team to investigate the area. They found Nin’s head alongside the road. I wanted to see for myself, so my friends and I went to the accident location. They roped the area off so we could only see from a distance.   But what I saw I will never forget, Nin’s eyes were wide open like she was so fearful right before she died.

Someone went to tell the news of her death to her family. The police closed the case and concluded that she died of an injury from a wire, and since the motorcycle was going at high speed, this made it easier for the wire to cut her throat. The police arrested Pun for reckless driving and caused another person to die. But her family didn’t blame him and didn’t pursue the case further.

Continued at Dead Before Arrival: Part II – The Funeral


    • Hi nangmeta, it’s a very a scary thought. This made me think of the time that I used to live in Bayside, NY and teenagers would drag race on one of the main street in the suburb. The old man that lived there hosed the road down with water in front of his house. The water froze by evening and those that came and raced that night had an accident and some died, their cars wrapped around a huge tree. That was only 3 blocks from my house.

    • Victor, it’s from a real life story and happened this year also. I think the magazine checked the story before publishing it.

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