In Too Deep

Can you tell what kind of flower this is? I didn’t know that it is this pretty closeup.

AV, f/4, 1/640sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 60mm, closeup cropped, pattern metering

This was taken from my dad’s garden yesterday, and if you’re a gardener, you might be able to tell.  Here is a bigger picture.

AV, f/4, 1/250sec, ISO-100, EB 0, focal length 105mm, pattern metering

Not very often that I tell a joke; this one is not even mine.  Thank goodness for that; not even sure what the writer was thinking.  This joke was written by Chum Jadtanadee in the Thai language in the Koosang Koosom joke column. I was flipping through the magazine for a ghost story (I found one and will work on that next) and stopped to read the joke.  I think many Thai jokes are dirty; this one is not too bad, and I hope you’re over 18 before reading it. I wish I didn’t lose the joke’s meaning through my translation.

A young couple went on a date, and the guy came to pick her up with his brand new vehicle.  As he was cruising along the scenic route, he turned toward his date and dared her.

“If I could drive 160 KPH (99 MPH), would you dare take off your clothes?”

His date thought it would be fun, so she agreed.

He stepped on the accelerator to the floor, and his muscle car accelerated fast forward.  As the speedometer reached 160 KPH, his date started to strip her clothes off until she was in her birthday suit. He was stunned by what he saw and forgot to look that it was a curvy road ahead, and in that split a second, he ran off the road and hit a fence. His date flew off the car, but her clothes were wrapped around his body, and the vehicle sandwiched him inside, and he couldn’t get out.

He yelled out to tell his date, “I’m stuck; go get help and hurry!”

She replied, “I can’t; I’m not decent.”

He looked around and saw one of his shoes outside the car; he pointed to it and said,

“Take that shoe to cover your private part, and go get help, hurry!”

She did as told. She took the shoe and covered herself, and took off running.  She ran for about 1 KM (.62 miles) and came to the nearest gas station.

She ran in and asked for help, “Please help!…my boyfriend is stuck inside.”

The gas attendant saw a naked girl with a man’s shoe covering her private part.

He replied, “I’m so sorry, I can’t help you.  Your boyfriend is stuck too deep.”


  1. Nye – I’m not very good of identify any kind of plants. If I have to guess, I think is the flower of “dork bua la par”?? Nice pictures though 🙂

    • seeharhed, many have views but only one brave soul to have commented on this post. 🙂

      It is dork bua la par (basil), good guess. 🙂

        • Hi seeharhed, I don’t think it’s the guessing of the picture that scare people, must be the Thai dirty joke. I guess this is the Thai version of dumb blond joke.

  2. That is a funny joke. At least you’re not a grandma telling it. JK.

    Thai blonde jokes. Many blondes I know are actually very smart! 🙂

    • Cambree, I’m too young to be a grandma. 🙂

      I only know of mostly fake blonde, and they do have a brain fart very often. 🙂

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