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Fall Gardening

Most people don’t think to plant in the Fall but I think Fall gardening is as interesting as Spring gardening.  When I started this garden, I had Fall gardening in mind and last year’s cabbage was not much of a success. I had so many caterpillars feasting on my cabbages and I hope to find a new solution to take care of the problem this year.  Last year I had to hand pick the caterpillar off my cabbages one by one, not the most enjoying thing to do. This photo was from last year’s Fall garden.

I don’t spend as much time in my garden as I would like, but the garden is coming along well. And here is the end of September already, the bees are as busy as ever trying to collect what is left before the flowers start to dry and dying in the months to come.

AV, f/4, 1/400sec, ISO-100, EB 0, focal length 60mm, pattern metering

I am happy to see that something is growing in my pots.  These are from Loquat fruits that a friend has sent to me all the way from sunny California. I planted the seeds back in July and now I have several young plants.

AV, f/4, 1/40sec, ISO-100, EB 0, fl 60mm, pattern metering

One of my favorite flower plants in my garden is the gardenia, they are so easy to care for and I love the aroma of the flower.

AV, f/4, 1/50sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -1.7step, fl 35mm, spot metering
AV, f/4, 1/80sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias +1.3step, fl 105mm, partial metering

I still have plenty of chili peppers left even after I harvested a basket full the day before.

AV, f/8, 1/100sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 47mm, pattern metering

10 thoughts on “Fall Gardening”

    1. Jeffrey, Autumn is also one of my favorite seasons. My only problem is not having enough space since the spring/summer crops are still here.

  1. I am going to predict some egg rolls in the near future. Very nice fall garden Nye.

    School is going great. I feel old though, but it’s a nice break from all those years of work; and now changing direction in my life’s path.

    1. Hi PaNoy, taking a new path and direction is a good thing, and it’ll be over before you know it. I’ve been making lots of egg rolls these days, and holidays are just around the corner.

    1. seeharhed, it looks like it’s doing better here in NC, I have 4 plants and the 2 mature ones (5 year old) have many flowers all summer long. It will bloom late into the fall.

      1. Nye, maybe I need to tend to those flowers more often. I just planted it and water it. Perhaps, I should give them some fertilizer or some type of flower foods.

        BTW, I will not be reading your ghost stories… I don’t want to think about it later hahahahha

        1. seeharhed, I guess you are not as brave as you thought. 🙂

          As for the gardenia plant, it might lack a pollinator such as bees also. I think it likes hot and humid weather, and most of our summer months are like that here.

  2. The loquat seeds are really growing! That’s exciting to see. I hope it survives the winter. You may have to bring them inside to protect it.

    My gardenia is doing well with many small buds. I hope the heatwave continues so the flower can start to bloom.

    1. Cambree, I was surprised to see them come up also, it pays to water the dirt pots for several months. 🙂

      My two gardenia plants near my drive way have many blooms, they are hardy plants and I love their shiny green leaves also, made me look like I have a green thumb. I hope you will get to enjoy the blooms.

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