Beautiful Friday Morning

Just because you can’t see, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  The sun will always rise but it might not shine where you are.

AV, f/14, 1/60sec, ISO-200, EB -0.30step, focal length 82mm, pattern metering

The harvest moon still hang around when the sun rise this morning, and disappear by the time I left for work but I know it is still there.

AV, f/14, 1/40sec, ISO-200, Exposure bias -0.30step, focal length 90mm, pattern metering

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Friday Morning”

    1. Hi Carsten, the scenery is constantly changing throughout the day and the morning scene in our neighborhood is a lot quieter than the evening, although you do get a different flavor.

    1. seeharhed, not on top of the hill, but at the foothills. 🙂

      It’s really all about location, the cost of living is a lot cheaper here in NC than in CA and you get more bang for your buck. I do like living here.

      1. Nye, you’re so absolutely right about that… you’ll get more bang for your bucks in NC. I wouldn’t mind living at Rock Barn community and the price of those houses are very reasonable. I love those brick homes with the southern feel to them.

        1. Hi seeharhed, since you are a golfer I think you will fit right in at the golf course community. As for us, Rock Barn is too polish for us, I’m more casual in terms of jeans and t-shirts when it comes to dressing. 🙂

  1. I like the perfect stillness of the early morning too.

    Especially when you are near the coast and the fog is rolling in. Then by noon it starts to disappear.

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