Next Photo Assignment 9: Portraiture

I hope you will join Scott Thomas Photography’s next photo Assignment 9: Portraiture, and stress that he is looking for a portrait of a person, please check the rules and deadline.

AV, f/5.6, 1/4sec, ISO-400, EB 0, focal length 45mm, pattern metering

Make sure it is a human, I went home for lunch today and Max is the only person available. Normally I would need a tripod for this shot, but since there is a railing I was able to use that as a support.


  1. Max – King of the Castle just like Muffin was Queen of the Castle. The bed or sofa or the recliner were all her places to relax! Luv, AEC

  2. Have you trained him to pose for you?
    My cat sleeps most of the time – when it is warm enough. But never in a position for a good ‘portrait’.
    I’d have a hard time on a pet assignment Scott.

  3. Wow you got very nice shot……i really love the emotion on his face and matching color of subject, background and sofa…well also light falling to subject…..

    • Hi jason, Thanks. He is in this position most of the time so it’s easy to get this shot, funny that I never trained him to do this at all.

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