My Indoor Potted Plants

I’m glad that I’m not photographing people, I don’t think they would have the patient for me.  I’m testing out poor lighting condition again, this time combining the suggestions given by Seeharhed and Scott from this post. This photo was taken after 7:00 pm (18:00), and the natural lighting came from the window on the right hand side. I will continue to practice until I get it right.

AV, f/8, 0.6sec, ISO-400, EB 0, focal length 24mm, pattern metering, closeup cropped, tripod mounted

About the plants, the big pot is the Queen of the Night that I purchased from Wat Greensboro, and the one in the small green pot is an Epi plant that a friend gave me a small cutting of it, she mailed this to me and it survived the long journey.


    • Thanks Scott, I’m glad I’m heading in the right direction and you’ve been a great help, really appreciated. I still have more reading to do, and lots of practice.

  1. Your home decor is very welcoming and warm. I love how you group the plants together with the elephant.

    Glad to see the plants are doing well. I couldn’t tell if the little shoot is growing off the little Epi in the green pot or the Queen of the night. It would be neat to see them bloom someday. 🙂

    • cambree, the little shoot is from the Epi plant and it’s doing very well. They get plenty of sun light from the dining room window.

      I collect elephants and this one I purchased from Wat Lao Buddhavong last year.

  2. I am happy to hear the little Epi is thriving out there.

    Btw, my mom also collects elephants. 🙂 Most of them are gifts from me. But my favorite is the three headed elephant carving she got from Laos.

    • cambree, another thing in common with your mom. 🙂

      I bought most of the elephants myself and one of my favorites is the elephant bench carving that I bought from NYC. It was a job trying to get it here and I had to wait for almost a year before getting it.

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