Catawba Valley Women’s Show

I’ve attended many events at the Hickory Metro Convention Center before, but not the Women’s Show.  Bo gave me a free ticket several weeks back and I went with my second sister today.  I’m still struggling with indoor photography and crawled back to using the green box many times, so this post is a mixed of shooting in Auto and AV mode.

AV, f/4, 1/30sec, ISO-400, EB 0, focal length 35mm, pattern metering

There were many booths for home decor, I love looking at the fabrics and pillows.

AV, f/4, 1/100sec, ISO-800, EB 0, focal length 45mm, pattern metering
AV, f/4, 1/20sec, ISO-400, EB 0, fl 55mm, pattern metering

The highlight of the show was when my second sister spotted Danny’s photo, tt’s nice to see his photos on display. Danny was listed with Dorothy Houston at Connections Model & Talent when he was living in North Carolina.

This one was his ads from Target, Danny autographed this for her.

This was right after he moved to NYC, Danny is living in the Big Apple now.

This was for the first Thai magazine Volume that he graced the cover with Odit.

The JCPenney ads, and he is still booked with them.

I haven’t updated much on Danny Bunyavong, not that he is not busy in his modeling career, in fact he is busier than ever.  He was in the Macy’s Glamorama again this year and is now shooting advertising for Macy Department store as well.  There are other ads that I wish I could get my hand on.

And the fashion show, not the easiest task to shoot runway fashion. I do need to read up on indoor photography.

I bought some handmade soap, Honey Almond, Orange Hibiscus and Cucumber Melon.  I wonder if they are as good as Cambree Botanica handmade soap, I absolutely love hers. This one is $3.50 each, and 3 for $10.

AV, f/4, 1/25sec, ISO-100, EB +0.3step, focal length 92mm, pattern metering


  1. This looks like fun. The fabrics are pretty too.

    And YAY for handmade soaps! The ones you picked sound really nice. I’d love to have my own beehive someday. 🙂

    Thanks also for the mention of my soaps!

    • Hi cambree, so far I’ve tried the Orange Hibiscus, it’s nice but not as luxury as yours. I need to send you one to try.

      I think the admission was a bit pricey, my sister had to pay $7 and I recalled that other events in the past was a lot cheaper, like $3 only. I guess everything went up, but it’s good to be out and seeing new things and ideas.

  2. Legal Buzz–interesting name for some soap!

    On an unrelated matter, got a question for you. I am writing this short story about Jeremy Aaron and when he sees a cow, he says–now, at least this is what I think he says, “amo.” That is what it sounds like to me. I know the Lao word for cow is ngow–or something like that. What do you reckon?

    • Hi Jeffrey, I guess the name gets your attention.

      As for ‘amo’, I’m thinking that he’s just making the sound of the cow as in ‘moo’. Children have their own way of saying things, wouldn’t it be great to be in their mind.

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