Chicken Update September 6, 2010

It is 23 going into 24 weeks and the hens are laying about 2 dozen eggs per day now. Bo’s Americana hens are laying more bluish eggs than before.

AV, f/4, 1/200sec, ISO-100, EB 0, focal length 50mm, pattern metering

This one has a strange color, not sure which hen laid this egg.

AV, f/4, 1/160sec, ISO-100, EB 0, focal length 100mm, pattern metering

The Lao mortal is still a favorite drinking fountain for many chicken.

AV, f/4.5, 1/30sec, ISO-100, EB 0, focal length 73mm, pattern metering

They would eat off from your hand.  Bo’s mom said that they would come running when ever they see her, especially feeding time.  Some would take off running, step on each other, trip and roll over on the floor.  Those that are far away would run then fly, must be a sight.  They are too funny.

AV, f/4, 1/40sec, ISO-100, EB 0, focal length 40mm, pattern metering
AV, f/4, 1/40sec, ISO-100, EB 0, focal length 105mm, pattern metering

It is a misconception that roosters only crow early in the morning.  They actually crow when ever they feel like it, whether it be morning, noon or night.  It’s a good thing that Bo’s parents live far from their neighbors. This one is an Americana rooster, he is a beauty.

AV, f/4, 1/15sec, ISO-100, EB 0, focal length 105mm, pattern metering
AV, f/4, 1/200sec, ISO-100, EB 0, fl 105mm, pattern metering, closeup cropped

Bo’s dad built a simple chicken feeder for them.  They keep him busy having to fill their feeders and water fountains.

AV, f/4, 1/400sec, ISO-100, EB 0, fl 105mm, pattern metering, closeup cropped

This is an Americana hen, she lays blue egg.

AV, f/4, 1/30sec, ISO-100, EB 0, fl 84mm, pattern metering

I’m not sure what she is doing, going somewhere?

AV, f/4, 1/100sec, ISO-100, EB 0, fl 105mm, pattern metering, closeup cropped


    • Hi photospaz, I’ve never heard of it until beginning of this year when Bo bought the peeps for his mom to raise. It’s really neat to see the blue eggs. 🙂

  1. Love this post!
    We have to go to Bangkok next week. We plan to get some chickens when we return.
    Enjoy your eggs.

    All the best, Boonie

  2. Nye, I’ve never seen any blue and purple before til today. Have you try cooking it? I wonder how those two eggs taste like.

    If I live near by, I would be a regular customer.

    • seeharhed, the purple was actually a bit to the deep pink side. I like the eggs, they actually taste a lot better than the store bought ones, smell a lot nicer when you crack it open also. We didn’t get any from her this time, she had someone picked up 6 dozens over the weekend. Hopefully she will sell enough to help pay for the feeders. She’s very strict on their diet, doesn’t give them chicken scraps except for white rice.

  3. The chickens are doing so well. These have to be the best tasting eggs around. Truly organic and free range chicken… in California we would say “great tasting egg come from happy chickens”. 🙂

    And the color of these eggs are absolutely beautiful. Almost too pretty for me to crack them.

    • Cambree, they are very happy chicken and she has enough space for them to roam freely. It’s nice to finally see their eggs especially the blue ones.

  4. Wonderful, another chicken update. Wow, I am just so amaze by the blue eggs. They are beautifully blue and must taste really good. That was a beautiful capture, Nye. Thank you for the great update.

    • Hi Lala, I’m glad that you visited in time for this post. Bo’s parents and an elder relative are doing a great job in caring for these chickens. It’s really nice to see that they are doing so well. I hope to visit them again soon, and hopefully the eggs count will increase by a dozen. 🙂

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