Time Behind the Monitor

The fact is we all have 24 hours in a day, have you ever take notice of what you spend your time on the most?  As for me I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now, if I were to spend my time studying I would most likely earn my Master or PhD by now.  I blog mostly about myself and family, but yet you don’t know anything about my profession or what I do for a living and that’s the kind of things that we share online. Kind of unfair some of you might think, but if you look at the situation square in the eyes, the same goes for most of you.  How much of your life do you share with your online friends. I think we all set our boundaries, the invisible walls that most of us put up. But since I’m an analyst I could analyze most situations well, I know a lot more than most think.

Back to the 24 hours per day, and social culture wise, I realize that I’m falling farther and farther behind, kind of funny when my GI Joe sister whom didn’t know anything about the computer cookies not too long ago was trying to teach me how to text because it’s the in thing now.  And shocking for some to know that I don’t have a Facebook (FB) or twitter because it’s the cool thing now. I often wonder how people have time to do all these things, kind of not surprise to see that some people actually check their FB or twitt on the company’s time.  Even a grandma in her late 60s is checking on her FB to see what her friends and families are up to these days and here I thought that FB was for young college students only.

As for some, traveling is the thing that they like to do, and my uncle in France loves to travel.  It’s my job to update his photoblog for him which I’m more than happy to do so since I get to see all the cool pictures and places that he visits, although I really wish that I was there. I have to say that being able to share photos online is one of the best things that the Internet has to offer. I love looking at photos, and here are some that he took on his recent trip to Laos and Thailand.

This is the Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang, which is a province in northern Laos. This small town was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War, mostly by the Americans.  So for much of its history, Xieng Khouang was known as a battleground, might be that it’s located between Vientiane, the capital city of Laos and Vietnam. This small town is growing rapidly, the tall building on the left hand side is Xieng Khouang Hotel.

Many guest houses, the ones on top of the mountain must have the most beautiful view.

The market in town.

My uncle knows how to make the most out of his trip.  He has several friends in Thailand and visits them on his way back.

That’s the life.  Have you figure out yet of what you spend your time on the most?


  1. Very insightful and meaningful post. I am one of those people who spends a lot of time with Facebook but living here in Korea away from my family in Laos and friends in America it fills a very big void in my life. As a writer, FB and my blog is a way for me to spread the word–though I wish more people would read my blog. I spend anywhere from 5-6 hours a day on the computer writing and staying in touch. That might seem like a lot but most of that time is spent creating. Visit my writing blog http://www.jeffreymillerwrites.com to see my creative writing pursuits.

    Enjoyed this post a lot Nye. Well done!

    • Hi Jeffrey, I think most that are far away from home spend a lot of time online, although I’m not really sure if it filled the void, but in your case I can see that you’re reaching out to promote your work as many writers and artists do.

      As for some, it’s not just the time that they spend online but also money on the virtual world. I’m guilty also since I’ve to pay to remove the ads from this blog, and having to pay to upgrade my vimeo account. I heard on the radio the other day about people paying for online games that’s kind of disturbing but that’s how people make their money online.

  2. Nye, you are not hip enough to have FB :-). ahhahah kidding!! I do have FB but keep it very low profile. ahahhaha I have friends in FB that would constantly update their locations and things they do at the particular time. Almost all of them use their real name, last name, and phone number included in their profiles.

    I’ve always want to visit the Northern Part of Laos. On my next trip back, Xieng Kwang is one of the destination for sure.

    • Not hip enough to have FB, but cool enough for seeharhed to visit. 🙂

      Your friends must be afraid of the FB police for them to use their real name. I think my life is too boring and it would be too lame to have a FB and no friend. 🙂

  3. Kids these days do it all… it’s call multitasking. JK. 🙂

    Your uncle is fortunate to the opportunity to travel often. And lucky enough to have you update his photo blog too. Sometimes I spend hours just looking at travel photos too. And Google Maps is neat.

    • Cambree, it’s okay to do multitasking as long as they accomplish something, get at least one thing done. 🙂

      My uncle went back to Laos/Thailand almost every year for the last 10 years or so. He visited most of his neighboring countries. I think when he found out about my Laos trip in 2008, he wanted to talk to me on the phone to see if I’m still fluent in Lao language and to see if I have any knowledge about Laos. I think he was more excited about the trip than me. 🙂

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit plain of jars!! I hope I get to visit it soon!!!

    my time has been spent doing…. im not too sure to be honestly. I work a lot… I try to do things for myself and people i love and care for, but at times it’s just not so easy. I always find myself busy, but then when thinking about it, busy doing what?

    • mozemoua, must be busy with hobby and that’s not something that is easily accountable for. I guess we all need a balance between work and play. 🙂

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