Travel Photography: A Visit to ECU

This is a contribution to Scott Thomas Photography’s photo essay: Travel Photography. We decided to head down the East Coast on Sunday morning, and only if we drove further we would be at the beach by now but our schedule didn’t allow us to do that, our destination was to visit Bo’s nephew Tom, whom is a freshman at East Carolina University (ECU). This is also walking down memory lane for Bo, he attended ECU many years ago and things has changed since he was there.

It was a 4.50 hour drive, a 260 miles (418 km) and we left our house around 6:20 am. We live by the foothills so the mountain view is part of our landscape here, and as we headed towards the East Coast the land is very flat, and we could see a long stretch of highway ahead of us. The navigation system is great for traveling, Ross came with us and brought his with him. We arrived at ECU around noon time.

Aperture Priority, f/22, 1/10sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -1.3step, focal length 24mm, pattern metering mode

The East Carolina Pirates are the intercollegiate sports teams representing East Carolina University. One of the most famous pirates was Blackbeard, whom resided in the North Carolina coastal communities and the modern day mascot is based on the description of Blackbeard.

Aperture Priority, f/4, 1/250sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias +0.3step, focal length 47mm, pattern metering mode

I decided to tour the campus by myself, I knew that most would not have the patience to walk around with me, and thank goodness that I didn’t look out of place.  I had my camera backpack, camera around my neck, and was carrying a monopod.  I think I blend right in. 🙂

This is the West End Dining Hall, and the tall building next to it is a dorm.  Tom is living on Campus and this will be his new home for the next four years.

Aperture Priority, f/22, 1/30sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -0.3step, focal length 50mm, pattern metering mode

Bicycle seems to be a transportation of choice in this part of town.

Aperture Priority, f/13, 1/50sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -0.3step, focal length 24mm, pattern metering mode
Aperture Priority, f/22, 1/30sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -0.7step, focal length 28mm, pattern metering mode

This is an entrance to the Joyner Library, I think it should be to the music hall since it makes musical sounds when you walk through the entrance.

Aperture Priority, f/18, 1/20sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias +1step, focal length 28mm, pattern metering mode

I had to get down pretty low to get this shot.  Tom said that if you walk underneath this bell shaped dome then it’s believed that you won’t graduate in 4 years.

Aperture Priority, f/4, 1/250sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 24mm, pattern metering mode

I think I would like living here, I didn’t have the luxury of living in a dorm while I was in college.  I attended a City University of New York and our campus was nothing comparing to this.  This is very much like what you see in a movie.

Aperture Priority, f/18, 1/20sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -0.3step, focal length 84mm, pattern metering mode

This is one of the Fraternity houses, obvious by the Greek letters.  This one is the Sigma Phi Epsilon, and according to Wikipedia it is a fraternity for male college students in the United States, which this one looks kind of strange to me since it has a red heart shape in front of the Frat house.

Aperture Priority, f/18, 1/50sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 40mm, pattern metering mode

A view of downtown Greenville, North Carolina.

Aperture Priority, f/16, 1/60sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 35mm, pattern metering mode

This is also a home for many squirrels. If I have time before the assignment due date September 8th, I still have high hope to visit Asheville, North Carolina.

Aperture Priority, f/4, 1/30sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 105mm, pattern metering mode


  1. Nye – The campus looks very nice. ECU is locate in Ashville, NC right? I think one of the Kings player came from that school. Great job on the video.

    • Hi seeharhed, ECU is located in Greenville, NC which is near the East Coast and about 1.5 hour to the beach. Asheville is West of us toward TN. I hope to visit Asheville, not sure when Bo would have the time.

  2. I had forgotten all about this photo essay, I’ll have to work on mine now, I sitll have a few days left! I’ll start putting my photos together!!! Thanks fore the reminder!

    By the way, great photos!!!

    • Hi mozemoua, thanks. I’m beginning to have a better understanding of this photography thing. 🙂

      You still have time. I really want to visit Ashville NC also, I have to see if we will have time this long weekend.

  3. ECU looks so pretty, but you should visit UNC! It’s my alma mater and therefore, I think it’s the best, but really, it is. It’s beautifuly, especially in the spring. You should plan a trip there during the spring time!

    • Hi Kamee, I’m really confused about this UNC, there is UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, UNC Greensboro, UNC Wilmington, not sure which one is yours.

      I never thought that ECU is this pretty, I think it has that old world charm to it.

      • There’s really only one UNC, which is UNC Chapel Hill becuase it’s the original university within the UNC university system. So when you hear someone say UNC and nothing else, they’re usually refering to Chapel Hill.

        Although the other schools are nice, I think Chapel Hill is the best. Maybe that’s school pride coming out. 😀 lol.

        • Hi kamee, I went to UNC Chapel Hill several years back for a graduation ceremony but didn’t get a chance to look around. I’ll make sure to stop by when I’m in that area. It’s a very nice school and there is nothing wrong with school pride. 😉

  4. You are right about the movie look, this place is realy very nice, clean and cosy. Is it very different from other part of the state?
    I am impressed about the distance you have been driving, 418 km…this is a very long way to go for a Dane, actually it is almost the longest you can drive in Denmark, if you go in a straight line from top to buttom in Jutland. :- A little futher and you will be in Germany.

    • giiid, I had to look it up to see how big Denmark is in comparison to North Carolina and it’s only 1/3 of North Carolina (Denmark 16,629 square miles and North Carolina 53,821 square miles). I would never thought to check if not because of your comment, we drove 630 miles (1013 km) to visit my sisters in New York before. It would be about the same distance for us to get to Disney in Florida. It’s very common to drive for several hours in the US to get from one place to the next.

  5. This campus has lots of brick. I definitely looks like a campus from your area.

    The best looking university I’ve visited is Stanford in Palo Alto. The weather is always perfect there. It’s a private school, so tuition is expensive.

    I had attended university that was 8 hours away. And it didn’t even seem that long of a drive then. Probably since I was driving on scenic highway along the Pacific Ocean. 😉

    • Cambree, I often wonder what it would feel like to go away for college, I guess I would never know. That part of my life is over. One of my best friends changed school in the middle of the school year to go to Buffalo University (she wanted to live on campus). I visited her once and it’s nice but extremely cold in the winter. I love their buffalo wings.

      I wouldn’t mind driving long hours on scenic highway either, perhaps someday we’ll get to visit that part of town.

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