My first attempt at panning

I’ve been fascinating with panning technique and this is my first try and very happy with the result.  Lee has been a great help, we went over to my dad’s house since he has a long driveway and an interesting background. Panning is a technique in which you move the camera parallel to and at the same speed as the subject, this is to show speed.  I used a slow shutter speed, this was taken with Aperture Priority, I set my AF mode to AI SERVO and drive mode to continuous shooting. The setting was at f/22, 1/8 sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 35mm, pattern metering mode.

A couple of hundred shots later I got another good one and still the same setting as above.  This was taken at f/11, 1/10sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 67mm, pattern metering mode. I changed the f stop to f/11 to photograph a passing by dogs and forgot to change it back to f/22 but it seems to work well here also.

I’m not sure who had more fun, my second sister also rode the scooter.   This was taken at f/22, 1/4sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias 0, focal length 32mm, pattern metering mode.


  1. These are great shots, although I don’t entirely understand what’s going on in the last one – particularly the blurred image in pursuit.
    By the way, Mrs Somboon is fascinated and awestruck by your photos.

    All the best, The Somboons

    • Hi Boonsong, a special thanks to Mrs Somboon for her kind comment.

      The panning supposed to have a blur background to show the speed of the subject. Of course the scooter in this photo is extremely slow, but the panning effect made it appeared faster than it was. I think this would be neat to take a picture in the city of fast moving people on the sidewalk or cars on the street.

  2. That is really cool!!! You are putting that camera to use, great for you. I’ll make sure to ask in 4 years when I need a job application/resume picture. You are doing an excellent job Nye. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi PaNoy, this is great since I’m an outdoor person. Do check back with me in 4 years, hopefully by then I will be good at portrait photography. 🙂

  3. This makes the photo very exciting.

    I love scooters! I have a little Razor which I take out for fun once in a while.

    It’s so nice to be a kid again, if for a moment. And I can see your sister is enjoying the ride too. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, this one used to belong to Bo’s nephews and they don’t play with it anymore so they sold it to Bo. He takes it out for a spin every now and then. I’ve not tried it yet, it’s more fun taking pictures. 🙂

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