Rice Paddy August 13, 2010

I drove passed the rice paddy on Tuesday and saw one person in the paddy harvesting the first rice crop. I’m sure this will make a good meal and a celebration for the family. This is the eleventh week of rice planting and the weather has been very hot and humid here in North Carolina. It has been in the mid 90s in the last days or so.

I’ll be posting the exif data for the photos to keep track of what I’m doing. This was taken with Aperture Priority, f/8, 1/250sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -1.7 step, focal length 24mm, pattern metering mode. The photo was taken around 5:15 pm (17:15), it was so bright and I think decreasing the exposure bias to a minus really help tone it down.

Harvesting also meant drying out the rice paddy and there were some small fish and tadpoles left behind. I kept reminding myself that this is Friday the 13th. Not a good sign at all, and as I was driving to my dad’s house after I left the rice paddy, I almost got sandwiched in between several cars. Luckily I stopped in time but had to swirl toward the middle and I looked in my rear view mirror, another car was running right into me.Β  I kept thinking that this is going to hurt but luckily he swirled to the side road and missed me by an inch. Relief, I looked in front of me and saw 3 cars ahead and at least 2 cars behind, that would really hurt.

Dead fish, this was taken with Aperture Priority, f/8, 1/8sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -1.3 step, focal length 105mm, pattern metering mode.

Back to the rice paddy, I love the colors of the rice pods. This made me think of the Autumn leaves, something to look forward to.

This was taken with Aperture Priority, f/4, 1/1250sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -0.7 step, focal length 45mm, pattern metering mode.

Below is the true color of the purple rice pod, the rest seems to be hybrid and have lost their deep purple color.

This was taken with Aperture Priority, f/6.3, 1/250sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -1 step, focal length 55mm, pattern metering mode.

This was taken with Aperture Priority, f/6.3, 1/250sec, ISO-100, Exposure bias -1 step, focal length 60mm, pattern metering mode.

A huge garden spider, I would love to have a macro lens, the closeup image must be hair-raising.

This was taken with Aperture Priority, f/6.3, 1/250sec, ISO-100, focal length 105mm, pattern metering mode, cropped for close up.


  1. I’ve spent several hours in one sitting, viewing your different videos and photos. Just fell in love with the peace and tranquility that it displays. The images of the rice fields are just amazing! So ignorant of me…but I didn’t know that rice fields exits in NC!!! I can see that you have a great eye for photography too. Reading your profile, I too am a refugee. I was born in Cambodia, raised in Thailand, and grew up in the West Coast-California (somewhat of a lost child.) I too find myself shooting photos of my mom’s garden, recently discovered digital photography and is an amateur at making home videos. Through your blog, I read the model of your camera. May I ask the make and model of your camcorder? I know it’s a HD. It’s amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Jaja, it’s so nice to meet you and hope that you will share your photos and videos in the future. We do have a lot in common and can learn from each other. I would love to see your part of the country, you’re living in the state that I’ve always dreamed of living. πŸ™‚

      My last camera was a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi and when I got interested in making video I bought a Nikon point and shoot but it didn’t achieve the quality that I was looking for. It has a very small frame and made everything seems small. I have very little control of the zoom capacity and the clarity of the images is not what I’m looking for. That’s when I upgraded to the Canon T2i, it does video also and that’s what you’re looking at. I didn’t upload the quality to its full capacity, and the 1080HD video of the T2i is this video of a concert in the mall. This blog is like my diary, and kind of funny since I’m not a diary type of person. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Boonsong, thanks. I was so afraid that it might shoot web on me, not sure if it could do that or not. πŸ™‚

    • Dallas, this is a garden spider and I guess they are not as dangerous. This one is the female and it does inject its venom to kill other animals. It does look very scary though because it’s as big as my thumb.

    • mozemoua, thanks, it would have been real bad for me since I’m in the middle. There’s always an accident on that road, it’s a 45 MPH zone but most drive over 60 MPH and a very narrow road.

      I love the sounds and smell of the rice paddy, another update coming up. πŸ™‚

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