Butterfly Bush

I’ve been admiring my neighbor’s butterfly bush this summer and I’m amazed of how it attracts so many butterflies.

I was testing out the P mode on my camera, the picture below was taken at f/4, 1/100sec, ISO-250(set at Auto ISO), Exposure bias -1.3 step, focal length 73mm, pattern metering mode. My camera is canon T2i with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.

I saw several butterflies and went over to take some pictures. This is the Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly.  It is a species of swallowtail butterfly native to North America, and one of the most familiar butterflies in the eastern United States.

This was taken at f/4, 1/125sec, ISO-160(set at Auto ISO), Exposure bias -1.3 step, focal length 99mm, pattern metering mode.

They are pretty much footloose and fancy free. I’m surprised to see the torn wings, it must be a rough life out there.

This was taken at f/4, 1/200sec, ISO-200 (set at Auto ISO), Exposure bias -1.3 step, focal length 105mm, pattern metering mode.

Below is a Black Swallowtail butterfly, the wing on the left hand side is badly torn.

This was taken at f/4, 1/125sec, ISO-500(set at Auto ISO), Exposure bias -0.7 step, focal length 70mm, pattern metering mode.

6 thoughts on “Butterfly Bush”

  1. This bush is also common here, I´m glad you reminded me of it, because I want to plant one this autumn….and autumn is not far. I wonder how fast it will grow. It´s a good way to catch nice photos of butterflies.

    1. giiid, I wanted to plant some last year and totally forgot about it. I have to remember to plant it this fall also, I think it’ll be in bloom by next spring.

  2. Nye, very nice photos.. May I ask what lense did you used on all these photos. Were all these photo taken on “Manual” mode?? Hopefully, this weekend I’ll get to shoot a lot of pictures. Good job!!

    1. Hi seeharhed, I updated the post with the exif data and a good way for me to learn and keep track of it also. I wanted to experiment with the Exposure bias and see now that by moving it to the minus, it makes the photo darker which brings out the deep rich colors that I really like.

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