Came to ask for charity

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Siri/Luksee in Thai Language, translated by Nye.

About 14 years ago shortly after my late husband passed away, I sold our house and divided the money among the children and came to live with my daughter and her family until she decided to build herself a home.  I then moved and rented a studio apartment in a newly built mansion that’s in the same neighborhood as my daughter.

It was a beautiful mansion, nice and peaceful,  and not to mention that it was brand new.  I was the first to occupy my studio.  The first night that I moved in, as soon as I turn off the lights to go to bed, I heard someone walking around dragging the feet.  It was going around and around, then came to a complete stop right by my bedside, and as soon as I turn on the lights the sound disappear.  I can’t say that the sound came from outside because it was right next to my bed where I was laying down.  Also it was real late at night, almost 1 am (01:00) and as soon as I turn off the lights, the sound came back.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time since it was a brand new room and I was the first tenant living there.  I normally said my prayers every night before going to bed, and take off my Buddha chain necklace and hang it on my headboard before I go to sleep.  This gives me some comfort and I would lay there every night listening to the sound until I fall asleep.

One month has passed and the shower head in the bathroom quit working.  I reported this to the mansion manager and he sent a plumber to fix the next morning.  I was worried about my Buddha gold chain hanging on my headboard so I put it away in a dresser drawer at the foot of the bed.  After the plumber left I forgot to hang the chain back on the headboard and something happened that night.

Normally I’m a night owl, I would read a book, watch TV until real late before turning in.  And since I live alone I didn’t have to worry about bothering anyone.  But that night I didn’t feel like watching TV and went to bed early.  I was still wide awake and all of a sudden I felt someone get in bed with me.  I lay side-way and this person was pushing from behind.  My bed was very small, not enough room for one person and having two people on it almost pushed me off my bed.  At the time I thought it was my late husband that passed away teasing.  I said out loud, “Don’t tease me, you are dead now and I will say my prayers and send you merits (Tum Boun).”

Then I heard a reply, it wasn’t my late husband’s voice but a lady whispering in my ear.  She said, “I know how to say a prayers also.  I’m dead for 60 years now but no one ever sent me any merit.”

It must have been my reflex, I immediately turn around and was shocked to see what was staring back at me.  The neon light that I left on at the balcony shone in enough for me to see the face behind the voice. I’m only inch away from a lady in her 40s.  She had a pale yellow face, almost as if she colored her face with Turmeric, it was bloated and staring right at me.

I was shocked.  I tried to say my prayers and frantically trying to reach for the lights. I was hoping that the bright light might make that face disappear.  Thank goodness it was as I thought, as soon as I turn on the lights the side of the bed that was once occupied by her was now empty, the sound and that scary face was gone.

I glanced to look at the clock, it was almost 2 am (02:00).  I was so scared but didn’t dare open the door to ask for help.  I was afraid that I might see that face outside the door, and this time I might faint.  I couldn’t go back to sleep. I sat on a chair next to the door and thought to myself that if I were to see that face again, I’ll open the door and take off running.  But she didn’t come back, I sat there until 5 am and as soon as the motorcycle taxis start running, I reached for my purse and key, locked my room and took off to my daughter’s house.

My daughter was surprised to see me this early, she asked “why are you here so early?”  I told her of what had happened, my daughter was in shock and my son in-law said, “The lady probably saw that you make merits on a regular basis, and offer it to dad very often so she came to ask for her share. Mom should consider offering some to her since she has been dead for a long time and no one has offered any to her and that’s why she is still around and has not gone on to reborn yet.”

I don’t know if what my son in-law said was true or not, but there is nothing to lose. That morning I went to offer alms to the monks that came to collect alms early in the morning and  later that day I went to the temple to make Sungkathan and offer the merit to the lady.  And from that day on, every time I make merit, I often offer the merit to her as well.

The photo was taken at Wat Greensboro on July 25, 2010.


    • Jeffrey, I don’t think it’s based on superstitions and I feel that the spirit world live side by side among us but some are more sepseptable to seeing it than others.

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