My Garden July 28, 2010

My garden still looks very green, we have been getting thunder showers on and off and this has helped the garden tremendously.

I didn’t have enough time to focus on the Red Cardinal and it flew away.  This is the official state bird for North Carolina so there are several living in my backyard.

My string beans didn’t do too well this year, I only get a few string beans every once in a while.

I have plenty of chili peppers this year, some came up on their own and they are a very hardy plant.

This is my first time growing these long peppers and they are doing well.

My cherry tomatoes didn’t do too well this year. I think it was because we had a dry spell in early spring and it never fully recovered from the week of July 4th when I was gone for several days.

These basil don’t grow fast enough, I’m thinking about growing more next year.

Kaffir lime tree

My Lao eggplants still look very sad.  The bug problem never really gone away, this really bugs me.

My dad has a bucket on his deck to catch the rain water to measure rainfall and Lee has this bumble bee rain measurement, but it works just the same. Although my dad version is free.

Her flowers come along nicely, definitely add some colors to the garden.

I finally know how to fix the problem with the glare in white flower.  The key is to set your camera to spot metering mode.  This  was taken at f/8, 1/50sec, ISO-100, 105mm focal length, spot metering mode, white balance-cloudy, Aperture Priority exposure program.

I bought this tree last year and I thought it has died and when it came back up this year, I’m not sure what it is now.  I think it’s a pomegranate tree because of the long leaves.


    • Jeffrey, thanks. I didn’t know that it’s also the IL state bird, I thought it was just for NC. After check, it is also a state bird for Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. source.

  1. Nye – Very nice photos and your garden is coming along nicely. This year I didn’t get a chance to plant anything on my little box garden.

    • seeharhed, thanks. That’s sad that you’re not growing anything, you could have fresh herbs by now. I plan to expand more next year, not sure where to.

  2. Your have made a very nice and interesting garden, with many different things to look at and a lot to eat. Your national state bird looks exotic to me. I enjoyed your video and the nice music you have chosen for it.

    • Thanks giiid, perhaps I should change the title of my blog to “A Gardener’s Diary.” 🙂

      It’s time to think about planting fall vegetables. Video blogging is time consuming but definitely worth it.

  3. Hi Nye,
    Your garden updates is so uplifting!

    And your gardenia is still blooming too. I bought a plant for my mom but the flower buds all fell off once I put them in her garden. I found out that gardenias don’t like hot weather but can take humidity. In the meantime I may grow them at my sidewalk garden and see if that would help.

    And yes… I think that is a pomegranate tree you have there by looking at the leaves. Thanks again for the garden tour. 🙂

    • Cambree, thanks for confirming, I kind of thought that’s what it was also. I might have to get another one for them to be a pair. The gardenia is doing so well in our area and might be because of the humid weather. I have seen them grown in pot and they look nice also. My second sister Asian Jasmine is grown in pot and they look very healthy, I like pot garden because it adds visual interest to the garden.

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