Rice Paddy July 23, 2010

I stopped by the rice paddy after work, it was extremely hot and my camera lens kept fogging up in the first 5 to 10 minutes that I got there. The temperature was around 95 degree Fahrenheit (35 degree Celsius) but it felt more like 100 degree.

I’ve been using the auto setting on my camera to shoot in the past and decided to step away from that. Please bear with me if my photos look kind of odd as I am learning the new settings on my camera.

Since I’m not relying on the auto focus anymore, it is a must to have a good eyesight.  And a good thing that I have a 20/20 vision and can manually focus the image as sharp as I can.

Click to see a closeup image

Click to see closeup image.

Back to the rice paddy, it has been eight weeks of rice planting and most of the rice pods are out now. The paddy has a nice aroma of the new rice plants and pods.  I think I can hang out here all day, but there’s only one problem…the heat is scorching hot.  It doesn’t look like it in this image below, but don’t let it fool you.

This is a white rice paddy.  They had a head start on this, and it was planted 2 weeks prior to the rest of the paddies.

The rice pod looks almost like the purple sticky rice, but unlike the purple sticky rice, these will not turn any darker purple than this.


  1. Wow the grasshopper and dragonfly photo is amazing. I wish we had more of them out here in the garden.

    And just looking at the photos, I could not imagine how hot (and possibly humid) it is out there. You are really on a mission to capture some nice photos. But don’t forget to hydrate often.

    • Cambree, I make sure I drink a bottle of cold water before heading down to the paddy, but I’m sure all came out as sweat by the time I’m done. 🙂

      The rice paddy is very healthy and a perfect environment and habitat for the dragonflies, frogs and grasshoppers. There are many species of dragonfly and I hope to capture those images the next time I visit the paddy.

  2. THeir rice paddy is beautiful! Looks like they’ll have another wonderful year of rice!!! Its hard work but well worth it!

    • mozemoua, some area are pretty than others but overall they are very healthy. I need to do another update tomorrow, the pods are coming out fast because of the hot weather.

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