My Dad’s Garden July 17, 2010

I spotted the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail near my dad’s garden.

My dad complaint about a dry spell that we’ve been having and said that it’s because of the two months of August this year.  Growing up in America the term of one month repeating itself is not common and actually foreign to most of us. The Lao/Thai calendar is different from the one in the US. If you look at July Thai calendar below, at the bottom of the 17th is the month 88, which means August twice.  It was the first month of August last week, and we are heading into the second month of August. I guess you can view this like a leap year.

I think Phraya Thaen (Lord of the Rains) must have heard him, it rained while I was shooting this video.  I’m not complaining and incorporated the rain into my dad’s garden video.

I’m not sure what my dad was thinking, last year he used white strips of fabric to mark his seedling, but this year he uses a red plastic bag.  The color scheme pretty much sums up the Thai political situation, my dad is not a supporter of the red shirt by the way.

The pomegranate fruit didn’t stick any this year.

It’s time for me to pickle the crap apple, and I might try something different this time.

This is a strange looking insect.  It moved so fast that I had a hard time capturing it.


Pickle cucumber seeds for next year planting.

White Asian corn that I got the seeds from my Hmong co-worker.

This is what happen when you go organic.

On the other hand, my sister Bee’s garden is doing very well. She brought a basket of vegetables for my dad.

My mom’s orchid is still in bloom.


  1. WOW! Your dad has such a beautiful garden. Aw i love sour crab apples, esp dipped in salt.

    • Hi Kaoyee, thanks, it keeps him busy and something to do because he is retired. I plan to do pickle crap apple this weekend while the bugs have not gotten to them yet. I love dipping in salt, hot sauce is good also. 🙂

  2. Another fine collection of photographs, Nye. That is really interesting about the Thai/Lao calendar.

    I wonder how hot it is going to be in Laos when I am there next month? I was there in July 2007 and it was a real scorcher.

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