Rice Paddy July 16, 2010

I didn’t think I would get to take a picture of the rice paddy today because it started to drizzle around 4:30pm, a bit disappointed I went back to work.  The sky clear-up by the time I left work, but it looked like the sky would open up at any moment. I’m glad that it didn’t rain since I missed the last 2 weeks of updating and this is going into the seventh week of rice planting. The rice pods came out and from the look of it I think it might have came out last week, the rice paddy smells so nice.

The rice pods are still far and few in between.

The dragonflies are hovering over the paddy, this one perched long enough for me to take a picture and shoot a video clip.

A path walk along the paddy, this brought back my childhood memories where I couldn’t walk steady without falling off the pathway, let along trying to ride a bicycle on it.

They have beautiful Zinnias near the road, the noises that you hear in the video were of cars passing by.


  1. Cool pics, Nye!

    Aon tells me that in Laos it hasn’t rained much for the farmers, so many of the paddies are not as lush as the ones you captured here.

    • Hi Jeffrey, thanks. They couldn’t rely on the rain here either and have water pipes going into the paddies and put water in daily. Some area of the paddies are not as green and lush and the first 2 photos are right where the water runs in.

    • Geni, thanks. They planted many zinnias this year, there are some in front of their house also that are real pretty.

  2. It’s neat how you keep us posted on the rice paddy. Since I’ve never seen one in real life , this may be the closest I’ll ever come to one.

    And the zinnias are beautiful. I like how they grow it along the edges, makes for a welcoming sight.

    • Cambree, I think this will be interesting to see. The still image is nice, but nothing comparing to the movement of the rice pods and I can’t wait to see that again. The zinnias are beautiful, and it made their house look so peaceful from the road.

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