A visit to the Virginia Aquarium

Scott Thomas Photography has a new photo assignment #8: Travel Photography that I like to invite you to join.  The deadline is September 8, 2010, please visit his blog post for more information.

On the way back home from the beach, we visited the Virginia Aquarium on July 6.   By this time, I was burnt out from taking so many photos and video clips of our vacation that I didn’t take a picture of the outside, this photo below is from their website.

This place houses many rare creatures, seeing this sea turtle made me think of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, sadly the situation is still not under control.  The next 3 photos were taken through a glass wall, they came out a lot better than I expected.

This is a part of Indonesia’s Flores Island habitat where the Komodo dragons live. It is a large species of lizard and this one is bigger than me.

We had to walk about 1/3 mile of Nature Trail to get to the Marsh Pavilion.  It was extremely hot on that day, I think the temperature was in the 100 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) but I swear it felt hotter than that, I must have felt the heat index.

This is the original version without the music.


  1. Nice pictures!

    I enjoy visiting the aquarium whenever possible.

    The last picture makes me think of larb kay ngoang.

    • Thanks Kim, we were so tired that my dad and sister didn’t get to see the last few photos of the birds.

      Larb kay ngoang sounds good, talking about strange thing that I ate, I think it was a larp monitor lizard in Laos.

  2. Wow, you are brave. I haven’t venture out far.

    The meats I ate are standards such as beef, chicken, duck, turkey, and pork; I went as far as lamb in Middle Eastern food.

    • Kim, it was supposed to be a treat for my dad and I, but my dad wouldn’t eat it so I thought I would give it a try. It tasted pretty good, I’m sure my cousin thought I was kind of weird for trying everything that they put in front of me. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the link for my latest photo assignment, Nye! You got some nice photos through the glass at the aquarium. I have a few photos from Disney of a Komodo dragon. Beautiful and scary creatures.

    • Hi Scott, you’re welcome. The Komodo dragons do look kind of scary and this one is quiet big. I’m glad there’s a glass pane that separates us from him.

  4. I love sea turtles, they are such peaceful creatures. This photo of it swimming came out nice.

    This place must have been fun for the kids. 🙂 Except for the 100 degree heat!

    • Cambree, the heat was really bad and driving in the hot climate was not good for the car either, we had to stop and let it rest every 2 hours. I only saw sea turtles in movies and cartoon (Nemo) and was surprised to see that they are very big, this image gives a better perspective.

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