Lao String Beans Spicy Salad

When I came back from my vacation, my garden looked very sad, some of my string beans look like they are dying.  I think it didn’t rain the whole time while we were gone, and how ironic that it rains almost everyday since we have been back.  My string beans are not as pretty this year.

I made Tuk Mak Tour (Lao String Beans Spicy Salad) for dinner, this would have been good with Thai eggplant but mine didn’t bear any fruit this year.

Ingredients: string beans, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, shrimp paste, fish sauce and brown sugar.

I like to put Kapee (shrimp paste) in mine but it can smell very fishy sometimes. My second sister suggested that I cook it first and it seems to help.  I bake my shrimp paste for about 45 minutes at 350 degree heat.  This is not a good idea to do it inside the house since the aroma is to die for, and since my small oven is portable, I was able to take it outside to bake the shrimp paste.

I then mix it with fish sauce and brown sugar, keep refrigerator and this will be good for several months, just stir well before each use.


    • Jeffrey, thanks.

      Wow, almost time to visit home again and this time probably a baci ceremony of house warming is in order for you. Do take lots of photo to share. 🙂

  1. Nye – Looks yummy!!! I’m not too crazy about shrimp paste and probably can do without it. This is perfect season for tum mark tua and tum mark tang:-).

    • seeharhed, I guess it’s the Thai influence in me that like the shrimp paste better than Padek. I’ve been eating a lot of Tum Mak Tua and Tum Mak tang lately.

  2. It looks very tasty and baking Kapee is a good idea.

    I haven’ t had tum mark tua in a few years. I usually eat mark tua with kao pun nam pa.

    • Hi Kim, Tum Mak Tua is especially good with Thai eggplants. My mom had a garden as long as I could remember and now my dad keeps her garden going so I always have fresh green beans in the summer. I like Mak Tua slice real think with Kao pun nam pa also, I have not had that in a while.

  3. Nye, you are making me hungry here!I have been very lazy and haven’t been cooking lately! I think it’s time to get back and start cooking some of your yummy dishes!!

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