1. That is really tall.
    It makes me think of what happens when the coconuts fall. Standing under that tree isn’t the best place in the world at that time…
    Another thing: The nuts will crack, wont they?

    • Carsten, I worry about the person having to climb up there to get the nuts, perhaps they’ll use a monkey instead. 🙂

  2. Nye – hhmmmm I am pretty sure this particular tree is not in Paksun. It is in Vung Vieng, I took the similar picture during my trip. See my post of Vung Vieng and you will see this same coconut tree:-).

    • seeharhed, Lol, my bad, my uncle sent me photos of the family in Paksan then he went on and wrote “… and coconut palm with two branches at vangvieng 50 years passed.” I missed the vangvieng part. I guess I didn’t see any limestone mountains and didn’t think it was in Vang Vieng. 🙂

  3. Nye, I wonder if the locals (especially the elderly) see this as a auspcious miracle. I know my grandmother would believe there some supernatural working behind that tree.

    • Hi bassak, I would think so, I know my uncle was impressed and he is in his 60s, the photo was taken by his daughter from France. I think it would be interesting to see the picture looking up the tree.

    • Jeffrey, I think what looks odd is the 2 branches coming out from the main tree. I’ve not seen one like this before.

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