Lao Traditional Ethnic Dance at Wat Lao Buddhavong July 3, 2010

This is one of my favorite performances, the ladies danced harmoniously with poise and grace, absolutely beautiful.  I was very fortunate to have sat in the the front row.


  1. ahhh!! Nye the Hmong girls outfit is all wrong!!! ahaha, that was the first thing I notice!! Her outfit didnt match, like her skirt should had been a white skirt (speaking of region when it comes to traditional hmong clothes) and her shirt should had been tucked inside her dress not coming out from the bottom of the pink sash.. and the green sash should had not been seen, it should had been the pink sash that hangs from the back. The green sash should had not been worn at all unless she’s using it to tighten her stomach and the pink sash should had been hanging from the back, and it was too short to be hanging it needs to be a good bit longer.. The only time the green sash is shown and hanging is when you are wearing the pants outfits then it should be hanging from the front, not the back. The pink sash was worn too low, it should had been a bit higher to hold her waist in. The coin waist band should had been hanging on top of the pink sash, not under it and she was supposed to wear a white collar color shirt inside her outfit, the collar was supposed to come out so you can see it.

    But they all looked great and their dance was beautiful!!!

    • mozemoua, I couldn’t tell and I’m glad you pointed out to me. Perhaps they need to consult a Hmong person first before doing it all wrong like this. 😦

    • Jeffrey, I’m glad that I’m that close and was able to zoom in and out to get a different angle.

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