Kean Lao Demonstration at Wat Lao Buddhavong July 3, 2010

The Kean is a Lao music, for some of us it might be unheard of that this used to be the instrument of choice in courtship rituals.  It was commonly used by a young man to serenade by playing the Kean music.  The Kean is still a part of our Lao tradition, it is often played at special events such as baci ceremonies, births, funerals, homecoming, house-warming and any festive events.  I was fortunate enough to hear one demonstrated by the Kean master.  He is blinded and extremely talented.


  1. Nye – Saturday night was meet the Kean Master at my cousin’s restaurant. It was dinner event to listen to all the Kean Masters and Mor Lum singers. I was little late to the event but saw half of the show.

    • seeharhed, it must be real nice, too bad I didn’t know about the event otherwise it would have been fun making a video of that. I’m glad that the event brought people out to meet and greet and as for us it was our family reunion.

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