9 thoughts on “Fireworks at Virginia Beach July 4, 2010”

  1. My old home town! We enjoyed a trip there for a week last Fall. Call when you have a minute to spare. The number in the tele. bk. will be just fine. Luv, A

    1. Hi Audrey, I thought of you when I was there. It’s a nice area to live, and we are thinking of going back there again next year. I’ll call you tomorrow.

      1. What a super video! I so enjoyed hearing all the joy from the family there with you on the hotel balcony. All throughout, I was remembering the stories of your journey to the USA and how special this holiday must be for you all. Your friend, Audrey

        1. Hi Audrey, it’s a special day for us and truly an independent day in the sense for Lao people. My family had a great time, obvious by my sisters’ cheering for the fireworks. 🙂

  2. Nice!! I didn’t see any fireworks this year, I was in a concert on the 4th of july and didn’t leave the concert til pass midnight. But the concert was well worth it! You guys had a great view!!!

    1. mozemoua, I was hoping to be on the beach shooting this but we had a late dinner and didn’t have time to go down. Although the view from the 6th floor was nice also.

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