My Garden June 25, 2010

I was going to wait till my sunflowers bloom before I update my garden, but then it might be a couple more days before that happens.

The water plant is still in bloom, it has been for several weeks now.  I have many wild birds in my backyard and the birdbath has been a place of drinking and bathing water for them during this hot summer months.

My string beans are coming out now, it’s still too young to be picked.

As of this morning, there are more flowers coming out.

The pickle cucumber vines have taken over the A Frame trellises.  I have lots of cucumbers this year which I took some to share with my co-workers.  I hope to do pickle cucumbers in the next day or so.

I have many chili pepper plants, some came up by themselves from last year seeds. Chili pepper is packed with all the vitamins and minerals, such as protein, calcium, zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C. 1 small chili pepper has more vitamin C than 1 lemon or orange. It also contains vitamin A, as much as 50% of the daily recommend dosage, to read more from my previous post.

The Coxcomb flowers also came up on their own, this used to be the flower bed and I decided to plant cucumbers and chili peppers this year.  I think they are a lot prettier and healthier looking than me trying to plant it from seeds.

The Passion vines from last year.  I didn’t see it at the beginning of spring and thought it didn’t survive the cold winter months.  I saw one flower last week and didn’t get to take a picture of it and it closed the next day.

My Roma tomatoes.

The Kaffir lime tree is very healthy this year.

My Hen and chicks bloom a bit early this year.

Lee’s Marigold flowers are like a sunshine to look at, I absolutely love the yellow color.

My bamboo trees that I got from my local temple look a lot healthier after I moved them to a bigger pot.


  1. Very nice update. I see you got some help watering:)) Once again your photography captures everything most beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi PaNoy, Bo has been a great help with the fish pond and garden. And thanks for such nice comment. 🙂

    • Hi lady0fdarkness, thanks. It keeps me busy, and there’s plenty to eat from the garden this time of the year. 🙂

  2. I found your blog while looking for information on this year’s Wat festival in Catlett. I haven’t made it in several years. Sounds like it isn’t as great as before. Do you know who is performing this year.

    Your string beans make me jealus. Mine were doing fabulous… until a huge groundhog showed up in my garden!

    • Hi Barbara, thanks. I had groundhog early in the planting season, but I think it lost interest and went away.

      I plan to visit Wat festival in Catlett this year, it’s on Juy 3 and 4th, I Just found out that Mike Piromporn is coming, here is a post. And I’m sure more Lao performers from the US and Canada area. The crowd is not what it used to be over 10 years ago, I think there are many temples that hold events at their temple on the week of July 4th also.

  3. Your garden is growing so well. It feels so tropical with all this lushness.

    Lee’s Marigolds are a really cheerful addition to the garden. I also noticed Bo is helping out as well. It has truly become a family garden now. 😀

    • Hi Cambree, Bo has been a great help when I don’t have time to water the garden. And if Lee is out there, she wants to play with the water more than watering her flowers. The garden is a relaxing place to spend the afternoon, and Max is the only one that’s not allowed to be in the garden, I think he would eat everything in sight. 🙂

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