Rice Paddy June 25, 2010

I went by the rice paddy today after work and my co-worker and her cousin were there looking at the paddy.  This is going into the fourth week of rice planting and they have been filling the water daily. As soon as I got out from my car, the aroma of the young rice plants fill the air, I think I could stay there forever.  Although it was very hot and might not be a good idea.

Right before I left, I spotted a dragonfly and was able to take a close up shot.  It perched long enough for me to do a video clip.


    • Hi Jeffrey, they are growing short grain white and purple sticky rice. You will see it better when the rice pods come out next month.

    • Cambree, I wanted to do video blogging mainly for the rice paddy, but it looks like I’m doing a lot more than that now. 🙂

  1. I love the smell of Rice paddies! Thats one thing i miss the most about my mom planting rice!!! I really want to dress up in my Hmong outfit and take some pictures at the rice paddies, too bad i dont know anyone who still does it around here.

    The rice looks really healthy!!

    • mozemoua, I need to do another update. This is a nice paddy, and I can take you to this paddy if you’re in the area. The rice pods would look prettiest in late August.

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