Lotus and Water Lilies at Biltmore

We visited Biltmore on Sunday to see the Lotus and Water Lilies.  I didn’t realize that they open as early as 8:30 am, and we got there at 9:15 am, a perfect timing for the morning sunlight and the Water Lilies open early. They are absolutely beautiful.

It was a windy day, and it took me awhile to get this shot.

This is such a beautiful color for a water lily.

When we visit Biltmore, I feel like I step back in time.  We renewed our pass and got another year of season pass.  There are so many places in this estate that we’ve not explored.

The water is not as clear, but I can see a good reflection.

I still have a difficult time photographing a white water lily.

Lee’s favorite color is pink.

It was a nice day, I absolutely love the reflection of this one.

The roses are also in bloom, the rose garden is my next post.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos and video!

    I didn’t realize how big this place really is… and your video gives us a much better perspective.

    It looks like a great place, no wonder you are renewing your membership. 🙂

    • Cambree, thanks. I know you like Lotus and Water Lilies, so this would be a treat for you. 🙂

      We don’t normally go inside the mansion when we visit, just enjoying the garden and its surrounding area. Lee loves their pizza and gift shop, so it’s a treat for her.

    • Jeffrey, I’m not a great photographer, but more like a good student. I have to thank Scott and many photographers on the web for giving good tips and pointers.

      Your comment is very encouraging to me, thanks. 🙂

    • Thanks Scott. I like the purple one best (3rd photo from top) but just wish that the lily pads are cleaner than that. Maybe I should have gone into the water and wash it first before taking the picture. 🙂

  2. You have done it again. Absolutely beautiful!!! And the videos are breathtaking. Biltmore should give you lifetime free entry. Can I have a few of the pictures to use as a screen saver? Thanks for sharing.

    • PaNoy, thanks. Now only if I could film the inside of the house, that should keep me busy for a long, long time. 🙂

      You are welcome to take any photo that you like, let me know if you want me to email you the high pix. one.

  3. Any of those pictures (last 3 and more) would do…high pix. What ever you want to share. Thanks.

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