Revisit to the Flutter-By the Butterfly

We went back to see the Butterfly Exhibit on Saturday. The sound in the video is the actual sounds, minus the background music.  The music is by Ottmar Liebert, song: This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies.

It was very hot on Saturday, must be in the 90s and the temperature in the Butterfly Exhibit is the same as the outdoor temperature to mimic the Butterfly habitat.

They look so pretty when they are still, but they can be super fast. I was shooting a video clip of this Red Passionflower and didn’t even notice the butterfly at the time until I view it on video.

Here is a clip of a slow motion.

They also eat fresh fruits as well.

These will eventually turn into beautiful butterflies.

The girls had a great time.



    • mozemoua, I used the Canon T2i and I’m getting better at the video part. This is not a kit lens though, I’m using my old wide angle lens. The girls had a great time, we’ve to do this again soon, I’m still searching for the Holy blue butterfly.

    • Cambree, it’s easy shopping for Lee, she’ll wear anything that I buy her. Na also wore a butterfly t-shirt, it’s a nice place to hang out with the kids. 🙂

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