My Garden June 12, 2010

My garden is growing by leaps and bounds.  This is a perfect place for birds, I have a small bird nesting in the Coca-cola birdhouse right now.

What I love best about this time of the year is cucumber season, these are pickle cucumbers.  My dog Max loves them also, but he doesn’t know how to pick them yet, this is within his reach.

Small white cucumbers climbing on the A Frame.

These Day-lilies were given to me by my sister Bee last year.

I get plenty of cucumbers from these 3 A Frames.

Chili peppers

These are bigger kind, and not as hot as the chili peppers.

The beets make such pretty plant, it’s about time for me to harvest, and I hate to do it.

I’m planing to grow another round of tomato next month, and since I don’t have anymore space, I’m thinking about growing them upside down.  This will supply me with tomatoes late into the Fall season.

My Thai eggplants have been a feast to small tiny black bugs.  This really bugs me and there is not much that I could do since it’s sharing a bed with my lettuces.

My string beans start to climb last week, they should start to produce some beans by late July.

Basil that I grew from seeds.

Another plant that I got from PaNoy.  The two from last year also came up.

The cockscomb flowers are from last year’s seeds. I have several colors growing in this raised bed.


  1. You are right about the garden growing in leaps and bounds. Pretty soon you will have loads of cucumber, peppers, beans and more.

    But poor eggplant… those little black bugs are bad news. Have you tried spraying the plant with soapy water? Maybe essential oils of tea tree, neem, maybe even clove? Maybe release a few ladybugs to eat them up. 🙂

    • Cambree, I tried the soapy water and it burned the leaves. I think it must be karma, I laughed at my sister’s Thai eggplants last year and hers looked worse than this one. Mine might get worse, but hope it’ll get better soon. Ladybugs sounds like a great idea, maybe it’s time for another project for the kids. 🙂

      I harvest my vegetables daily, fresh pick cucumbers are the best. My dog Max loves cucumber also, and I’ve been giving it to my co-workers, not sure if I’ll have any to pickle.

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