My Dad’s Garden June 12, 2010

His pumpkin.

He still has plenty of cucumbers.

My dad’s Thai eggplants look healthy, he used sevendust powder to kill the small black bugs.

I guess you can say that a corn is a perfect plant by itself. Every corn  plant has both male and female parts, the male part is known as the tassel (picture below). The tassel usually consists of several branches (which made me think of rice pods), along which many small male flowers are situated. Each male flower releases a large number of pollen grains, each of which contains the male sex cell.

The female floral organ is called an ear, my dad calls it the corn. The immature ear consists of a cob, eggs that develop into kernels after pollination, and silks. Pollination occurs when pollen falls on the exposed silks. Following pollination, a male sex cell grows down each silk to a single egg and fertilization (the union of the male and female sex cells) occurs. The fertilized egg develops into a kernel and inside each kernel is a single embryo of a new plant. These are small white Asian corn.


    • I agree!

      I see the sunflower is already in bloom. Mine barely has a few leaves… but at least summer’s not officially here yet. 😉

      • Cambree, my sunflower is not in bloom yet, I’ll wait till it does before updating my garden. You’re right, summer is not officially here yet but it sure felt like one.

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