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Fireflies in my Garden

Stare with me into the darkness, this is almost as exciting as watching the Naga fireballs. No, I’ve not lost my marble yet. 🙂

I was inspired by Mozemoua of her determination to capture fireflies in her photo, which is not something that can be done easily.  After chasing in the darkness for over 1 hour, I realized that I didn’t have much luck either.  But I do have a master plan and will recruit some helpers this weekend. 🙂

I noticed that I have more fireflies this year than previous years, and might be because I have a pond.  Fireflies thrive around standing water and marshy areas, so my pond provides a good habitat for them. The garden is also another attraction and going organic has made the environment safe for fireflies, but my Thai eggplants suffer real bad this year. After seeing these fireflies flashing their tail lights, I think it’s all worth it.

7 thoughts on “Fireflies in my Garden”

  1. Wow, they are beautiful. It is an amazing insect. Unfortunately we do not have them here in Denmark. We have another species emitting light: “Lampyris noctiluca”, but I have not had the luck seeing one.

    1. Carsten, it must be in the same family. It is interesting that they look different in different parts of the world, I guess their bodies adopt to different regions as well. When I was little I would see many by the lake.

  2. Nye, you at least was able to capture it during the day time!! I haven’t be en gotten that close!! Lets hope I can find the chance to capture some photography of them before going to MN next weekend, if not, I’ll try it in MN (if there is any) and then if not again, I’ll have to master a plan for next year.

    1. Mozemoua, it is a good thing that I have some in my backyard. My master plan is to recruit Lee and Na to help me capture and put them in a glass jar. Then let them out and take picture but I need many for it to be dramatic. The girls are going to see the butterfly tomorrow and Lee said that if she’s too tired then she won’t make any promise. I guess I might be on my own then. 🙂

    1. The music reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s “Grave of the Fireflies”. Sad but nice story about two siblings effected by the WWII in Japan.

      1. Cambree, I saw the animation a while back, the fireflies look nice in that film.

        I’m surprised that you had never seen one before, I would have thought that there are plenty in CA. The fireflies season is short though, if you’re busy then it just flew passed you by. They are still around, try to look outside at dusk, they might be out there but it’s hard to spot them.

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