5 thoughts on “Men’s Body Building at 2010 NGA Carolina Night of the Champions”

  1. That is an amazing show. They look like they came out of a comic book of super heroes.

    1. Zeddicus, they had some great shows at the very beginning, one man was Captain America, but I had to delete some out to make room for the later shows. Now I know that video takes up lots of memory and I need to get a bigger card for future trips. Since I was shooting the show, I only saw it through my 3 inch LCD screen and lens most of the time that I was there.

      In Lao we call this a handsome man contest, it is a lot of work when you strive for perfection. 🙂

  2. these bodies scared me!! I am very scared of bodies from body builders although a guy with a nice built body with some abs is nice, but these are overly done!! Many of these guys looks plastic! how scary!

    1. Mozemoua, you and I both. I was so intimidated while taking picture and shooting video and I kept telling myself that I have to be professional about it. I told me co-worker that I’m ready now, what ever they put in front of me I can shoot. 🙂

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