Grandma’s Garden

It looks like I’ll be doing a lot of garden posts this summer, so bear with me. This is Lee’s grandma’s garden, and she has been busy raising her chicken and tending to her garden. Her cucumber trellis is made out of tree branches.

These are soy beans.

This is a water crest, it got its name because in Laos and Thailand, it’s grown in water.

This is an herb called Sawtooth coriander, also known in Lao and Thai as Pak Chi Farang. I called it Pak Hom Pae, not sure if it’s in Thai or Lao language.


The frog photo was taken last month.

This is a bird house, but looks more like a spirit house.


  1. Grandma’s garden is so neat! I especially like all the herbs.

    My mom also like to use old tree branches as trellis for her pumpkin and beans too. It’s all natural stuff and much like recycling.

    • Cambree, the old tree branches do make a lot of sense and they look real pretty once the vegetable vines start to climb on them. Bo’s mom loves to garden and she save a lot from not having to buy vegetables. The simplicity of life. 🙂

  2. My parents also uses old tree branches for trellis as well..

    I never knew those were called water crest, we’ve always called them “Pa Bong”. My parents also grow them.

    • mozemoua, we also called it Pak Bong, water crest is the English term. When we were in Laos, my parents had 2 ponds full of them, and in Thailand, they grow wild in the lakes. They have pretty flowers also.

      I love stir fry Pak Bong with black soy beans, or Pak Bong salad is also good, just add a little vinegar, salt and olive oil.

  3. Wow, your grandma (MaeTu) has lots of vegetables just like your father.

    I like my Tum Mak Hung with Pak Bong.

    When I stir fry Pak Bong, I put lots of garlic!

    • Hi Kim, Bo’s mom loves to garden and when I visited her the last several times, she offered me her vegetables which I couldn’t accept. I have plenty in my garden also. I like the Pak Bong in Laos/Thailand that grow in water, and love to stir fry them with garlic also. I would finely chop my garlic, put in hot oil until it turns golden brown, then put Pak Bong in there and do a quick stir. My mouth water just talking about it. 🙂

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