Chicken Little May 29, 2010

Bo’s Americana chicken peeps are 10 week old now, in about 10 more weeks they will be laying eggs.  They are a lot bigger now comparing to 9 weeks ago when he first got the chicken peeps for his mom.

His mom and dad said that they are a stubborn breed, very aggressive  and like to wander off into the wood and to the creek area which is quiet far from the house.  They have to put up a fence and stay busy all day long, but they love it.

When I got there yesterday, they were 3 fresh eggs in Bo’s chicken coop’s nest.  I also saw a hen laying one egg, and it’s at the end of the video.  My second sister said that you have to leave one egg in the nest so that they would come back to lay, taking all the eggs would scare the hen and they might not lay another one for you daily.  She saw this in a Thai Lakorn (Drama movie), out of all places to take an advice from.  Bo’s mom didn’t know this and removed all the eggs the first day, they didn’t lay any the next day, so she had to put one back and the laying business is back to normal now.  She has 5 laying hens and 5 fresh eggs daily.

Bo’s mom meat chicken, the last one left out of five and she won’t be raising these anymore.  She said that they eat too much.

Yep, Lee wouldn’t eat these after she found out that they came from the chicken coop.

This is a Lao chicken potato soup.  The potato is homegrown, I will make a post of Bo’s mom’s garden next.

This is one of the five laying hens.

She got me confused, I sat and watched her for a good 15 minutes and thought that she was going to lay an egg, and not to mention video her also. Bo’s mom said that she does this a lot, she was just resting.

Bo’s mom’s black chicken, she is also a laying hen.

I love this pose, a male dominant stance.

One leg stand, and stretching his wing or is it his arm.

Bo’s Americana peeps are the only ones that sleep in his chicken coop.

They do go and rest in the old chicken coop during the middle of the day.  The old chicken coop is more insulated and would keep the chicken warm during the cold winter months, not sure about Bo’s new chicken coop though.  He might have to build them a new condo by then.

This is also at the old chicken coop, one of the cousin called it a ghetto chicken coop. I noticed that the same breed eat together. There must be some truth to the saying “Birds of a feather flock together.”


  1. Oh no! Lee is totally missing out on the good and fresh chicken straight from the chicken coops, those are the best chickens ever!

    • mozemoua, I was surprised how good they were also, my first time eating it in the US. The nephews loved it, but their parents didn’t tell them that it was fresh killed.

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