1. For the bright white water lily, perhaps you could try “spot” metering your exposure on the actual white water lily? That should give you better control of the bright tones of the water lily.

    Also, perhaps try taking the photo earlier in the day when the sun isn’t too intense. And maybe with a bit of cloud coverage helps too.

    I’m not sure the polarizing filter would help much, as the image seems to be overexposed the way it is anyway.

    • Thanks Will for the tips, I will give this a try. I never had this problem before, not sure if it were the ankle that I’m standing also. I didn’t have much time to play with it and had to go back to work. I think mid morning would be a perfect time to photography Water Lily since they start to close by late afternoon.

  2. Nye, your water lily is so beautiful! I’ve always wanted some water lilies too, but I have no green thumb at all! I don’t know where to find any either!

    • mozemoua, I think we might have too many fish and it looks like they’re munching on the leaves. 😦

    • Jeffrey, the best time is probably early morning because that’s when it starts to open. I have to keep an eye on the next bloom and try to catch it in the morning.

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