Rice Planting Season

I drove passed the Rice Paddy on Tuesday and saw that they started planting the young rice plants.  I was wondering when they would start planting because they would have finished planting by this time last year. This is my co-worker M, she came straight from work to remove old rice plants from last year.  The second paddy belongs to her and the other 3 paddies belong to her cousins.

This was planted last week.  I couldn’t see it from the road and didn’t know that they started planting already.

Little tadpoles everywhere and I could hear the frog croaking.

They just planted these young rice plants on Tuesday afternoon.

I’ve been wanting to stop by and harvest the bamboo shoots, but didn’t dare ask.  The shoots are very tall now, and pretty soon they will turn into Bamboo.


  1. Dear Nye, What beautiful shots, like always such quality and talent. Also loved the video. especially the frog sounds! For me this was a trip by on memory road reminding me of so many years of traveling that route. Love, A

    • Audrey, I hope you and H are doing well. I love the nature sounds of the rice paddy, made me think of the time when I was little living in Thailand, I grew up in the rice paddy area. I’m glad that I’m able to do video this year, I just have to remember to take picture also. 🙂

      I’ll be updating the paddy on a regular basis.

  2. Love the video and the photos. What kind of rice are you growing; can’t really tell from the plants if it is long or short grain.

    • Jeffrey, thanks. 🙂

      The rice paddies belong to my Hmong co-workers. They are growing a short grain purple and white sticky rice. Here is a picture that I took last year, I bought some rice from my coworker.

  3. I thought these photos were from Laos… but they are really in North Carolina.

    Your neighbors are really good at what they do. And the bamboo will become a forest soon. I’m sure they will give you some bamboo shoots. Maybe bring them a basket of vegetables from your garden for a trade. 😉

    • Cambree, they have a very impressive garden also. I’m sure they won’t mind if I asked for the bamboo shoots, they’re exceptionally nice people. 🙂

      I used to think that the rice paddy in Laos is a lot bigger than this, but in some area where the land is uneven, it’s about the same size and looks very much like these paddies. I’m looking forward to seeing the rice pods already, can’t wait. 🙂

  4. it’s hard work harvesting and growing rice!! Oh and the smell of the rice when it’s harvesting season is so nice! I miss it, I didn’t appreciat it much when my parents was growing rice, I just thought they were insane, but now that theys stop growing rice, I really miss it!

    Fresh bamboo shoots are yummy! I am supposed to go pick some up at my aunt’s house for myself.

    • mozemoua, the aroma of the young rice pods is incredible and the dragonflies hovering over the paddy, that’s a sight. I can’t wait. 🙂

      I always feel guilty admiring their paddies because I didn’t help out at all. And I can’t wait to buy the purple sticky rice from them again. 🙂

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