Flutter-By Butterfly Habitat

This is my seasonal favorite, we visited the Flutter-By Butterfly Habitat at the Catawba Science Center on Saturday May 22, the first day that the butterfly exhibit opens. The last Flutter-By exhibit was in 2007 and I called to check in 2008 and 2009 and learned that they didn’t have one, not sure if it was because there weren’t any funding.

I’m excited about this year’s exhibit and it will stay open until September 6, so there’s plenty of time for us to go back and visit. The butterflies are fascinating creature, they are so small, and so hard to capture and not to mention fast also, as soon as I got it focused on my viewfinder, it fluttered away. This one below is a Buckeyes.

A White Peacock butterfly.

It’s amazing that the little kids are so gentle with them, but I’m sure they were tired by the end of the day.

A Julia butterfly.

This is one of my favorites, it looks like a Zebra Swallowtail butterfly.

A Black Swallowtail butterfly is one of Lee’s favorites.

The Queen butterfly is very colorful, I get her confused with the Monarch. .

The newly hatched butterflies are hanging out by the nursery.

The nectar plants provide food to these colorful creatures.

I submitted 3 photos below for Creative Exposure assignment.

12 thoughts on “Flutter-By Butterfly Habitat”

  1. These are beautiful photos! It looks like you managed to catch them while they were taking a short break.

    The other day I tryed to take some photos of a butterfly visiting the flowers in my garden. I gave up, when I came to think of the strange sight I was presenting for my neighbour, me running around with a camera – apparently without a motive.

    I´m enjoying your photos instead.

    1. Hi giiid, thanks. I did the same thing last year, chasing after 1 butterfly. I found out later that I shouldn’t have approached it where it could see my shadow. So coming from the back is not always the best approach. This is a fun assignment, it made me think more of what I’m doing.

  2. I always enjoy looking at butterflies.

    Nye, you captured them beautifully with your lenses.

    1. Hi Kim, I’m glad you like it. I plan to go back again soon, they’ll have different species throughout the summer and into the fall. I might be able to see some that I’ve never seen before.

  3. love butterflies! They are just amazingly beautiful! I could never catch any of them! I remember back in California, we would always chase after the yellow looking butterflies and as always, we never have any luck!

    1. mozemoua, when I was in Thailand, we would capture them and put them in the middle of a book so we’ll have it for a collection, very cruel come to think about it now. I’m looking forward to seeing the Blue Morpho butterfly, I only saw in picture.

  4. You captured those images most beautifully. Great shots. I really like the last picture.

    1. Thanks PaNoy, I absolutely love that place. The environment is very calm and relaxing, I think I could spend all day there.

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